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Sept 7th

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Minutes of the regular meeting Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 7th September 2010 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

The meeting was opened by acting chairman T. Fulton who welcomed all in attendance.

PRESENT: T. Fulton, S. Liddell, E. O Hare, D. McKenzie, H. Martin, Cllr. I. Langlands,
APOLOGIES: S. Clark, N. Gardner, G. Lethorn.

VISITORS: PC . N. Reilly, PC. K. McCrystal, M. Wotherspoon.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by D.McKenzie and seconded by T. Fulton.
There were no matters arising.

Police Report

There 22 crimes reported and of these 9 were detected.




Additional info




Additional info

Assault - serious




Breach of the Peace





2x window
3x car




Garden furniure
Mobile phone from jacket

Theft of cycle



Theft x OLP(MV)





Breach of Bail



Electricity Act







Cocaine 57.5g
Cannabis resin .4g
Production of Cannabis

Drunk driving


Minor RTA



No insurance/MOT/VEI


Information on the changing shift pattern that will be taking place on 26th October was given by the Community Police Officers. The new finishing times will be 2:00am, 3:00am and 4:00am as it is considered that these will cover peak hours of disorder. Until 26th October the shifts will be 2:00pm until midnight.

Staff in local shops are thought to be pro-active re sale of alcohol to minors.

Graffiti of a racial nature was dealt with quickly by the Graffiti Squad.

A visitor to the Community Council explained that she had sent several letters of complaint regarding the "Traffic Calming" measures in Kilmacolm Road as in her opinion they actually increase the danger. Although she had written to various departments within Renfrewshire Council all the way to the Planning Department she
has not had a satisfactory reply, and one of our village Councillors had told her that nothing could be done.
Councillor Langlands is going to make inquires on the matter.

Cllr. Langlands was asked if he could intervene in dispute with a local resident and BT. A misunderstanding by BT had resulted in this resident having the telephone number that had been hers for over 40 years being taken from her and given to another customer. Broadband facilities had also been lost. Although a new number had been offered, the resident considered that the original number was hers and that there would be considerable inconvenience if it were to be changed. She has also had problems with the Royal Mail, due to a number at the Old School, commercial senders omit to put in the Old School as part of the address only the flat number which is the same as hers. Cllr. Langlands will make enquiries into this.

Treasurer's Report: There was no report due to the Treasurer being ill.

Secretary's Report:

Roads Dept. A letter sent after our last meeting on various matters, we have now received a reply.
The Secretary along with T Fulton and D McKenzie met with Sgt High to discuss various policing matters
The community council received an invitation from Bridge of Weir Leather Co ltd to attend the opening of the new Thermal Plant to be opened by Princess Anne. T Fulton and the Secretary attended.

The Forum

The Secretary e.mailed everybody with a copy of the Forum minute along with a copy of the proposed amendment of the constitution of the ASCC. Asking all to read and make comment for the next meeting in October.

Planning Report:

No decision has been taken regarding the proposed care home in Fetlar Road.
There is some uncertainty regarding which categories qualify for funding by the local funding committee. Councillor Langlands will discuss this with D. Low
Notice was given of the The final phase of the White Cart bridge strengthening works will require diversions.

The next meeting of the community council will be the AGM followed by the regular meeting and this will take place on Tuesday 5th October at 7.00pm.

Due to time constraints and other matters the October 5th Meeting was cancelled. The Annual General Meeting will now take place on Tuesday 2nd November at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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