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Sept 4th

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 4th September 2007 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Elizabeth O'Hare, Andrew Crawford, Patricia Allan, Nicholl Gardner, Councillor lain Langlands.

APOLOGIES: Donald McKenzie, Harold Tidswell.

VISITORS: PC Tracey Bryan, Torquil Murray.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who thanked all in attendance in particular our guest speakers.


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P. Alien and seconded by J Ellis.


The only matter arising was that members of the community council had been requested to send information on road problems to the Secretary of Chairman in order for them to have briefed the speaker from the Roads Department before hand, but there had been very little feedback.

PC Tracey Bryan who is working alongside PC Tom Callaghan gave the report.
Crime Statistics 1st July - 4th September.
Community Police Officers; PC Tracey Bryan, Beat 34, Bridge of Weir North / Craigends.
PC Tom Callaghan, Beat 32, Bridge of Weir South / Brookfleld.

Seious Assault
Theft of Motor Vehicle
Breach of the Peace
Fire Raising
Vehicle Excise










July 2007 x 5 males including 1 adult were reported for attempt housebreaking at the Primary School.
Community wardens have been giving the area extra attention.
Reported incidents of youth loitering near Prieston Road. Extra Police attention given, youths warned and moved on.
A number of residents have been contacting the Johnstone Police Office, they should contact the Call Centre on
01505 404000.
The Chairman thanked PC Bryan for attending.

Kate Cuthbert, Access Officer, Renfrewshire Council was introduced, T. Fulton was invited to chair this part of the meeting as he has been very much involved in checking out the Access paths etc.
Ms Cuthbert introduced Anne Phillips, Tourism Officer, Renfrewshire Council, who has put together leaflets that could be used with the History Boards.
The History Boards are to be renewed and several designs were put forward. It was decide to hold another meeting the following week to discuss the various options.
It is the intention of Renfrewshire Council to have corporate style for the boards and Bridge of Weir Community Council to be consulted.
A question was asked as to who would be responsible for any injury incurred by farm animals as one farm through which one of the paths travelled had a bull that required freedom of movement, and there was also the issue of possible harm being done to lambs during the spring months. Four routes had been singled out and Ms Cuthbert informed the meeting that these would be tidied up.
When the final design of the leaflets and boards has been decided a costing will be carried out, There is a budget set aside, but if this is insufficient then an application for a grant may be made.
Although the path near to the Bowling Green will not be on the board it is still a right of way although overgrown.
Cllr. Langlands was told about the breakage to the wall and fencing behind the old Railway Tavern leaving a sheer drop, he agreed to look into this. Ms Cuthbert also said that she would request a visit to the site by the County Architects Department.
The Chair reverted back to S. Clark who thanked Ms Cuthbert and Ms Phillips for their helpful suggestions.
Mr Graham Wyllie, Principal Engineer, Roads Department, Renfrewshire Council was introduced to the meeting.
Mr Wyllie gave a brief outline of his department and its various responsibilities.
He explained that there was chronic under funding and costs that the general public were unaware of. Many of the roads in Bridge of Weir and surrounding villages were now reaching the end of their projected lifetime.
Most of the main roads had received attention, but unfortunately many of the side roads had not.
A community councillor hafl asked the reason why certain lights at Loch Place had not yet been switched on although the lighting at the Kier Development had been, it was explained that these lights were not yet connected to the grid.
There has been a review of Gateway signs, and a trial of rumble strips on entry to the village. Some members felt that they did not have much effect. Flashing lights which gave the actual speed were suggested, however some members felt that this would only encourage the 'boy racers'.
A suggestion was made that the 30mph speed limit be continued until after Gryffe High School. As this was a walking route. Mr Wyllie felt that the could not give a response to this until after he had viewed the area.
Every year Renfrewshire Councillors are invited to inform the Road's Department of all possible repairs in their area, Bridge of Weir Councillors fulfil this request but many from other areas do not.
Cllr Langlands gave credit to Mr Wyllie for completing work that he had requested in Bishopton.
The traffic lights at Houston Road / Main Street are causing some concern and timings requiring adjustment.
The quality of the material used in repairing potholes was not of the required standard causing them to need repair more frequently. It was explained that the material used until recently cost 25 per ton, and it required the evaporation of water to allow the material to set and it was not best for our climate.The material that required the evaporation of spirit was better but cost 400 per ton.
It has been agreed that the developers of the Clydesdale site will contribute to the cost of repairs in Loch Road and Elm Road.
The Chairman thanked Mr Wyllie for his interesting talk and for answering questions.

The Chairman introduced Margerat Hay and lain Irvine from Turning Point.
They had come along to the meeting to tell us that the first house in Kilmacolm Road was now occupied with no problems and that some of the neighbours had been invited to the opening of the project.

Councillor Langlands explained that the had virtually an "empty mail box" from Bridge of Weir. He felt that this was due to the fact that many residents of the village were unsure of the new set up but that this would be rectified in due course.
A suggestion was made that measures should be taken to ensure that information got to the public and one wayof doing this was through the web page.
Cllr. Langlands was informed about the removal of the goal posts in Moss Road park. The secretary said that we had not had a reply to our letter sent to Renfrewshire Council in April. The Cllr. Told the community council that Environmental Services had been running with nine managers fewer than required, but that steps had been taken to redress the situation.

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