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Sept 1st

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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 1st September at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall

PRESENT: Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Donald McKenzie, Irene McCallum.

APOLOGIES: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Gordon Lethorn.

VISITORS: M Wilson, M Holmes, Kilgraston Road, A Galbraith, Ranfurly Road, M Wilson, Earl Place, M Millar, Mimosa Road, S Lafferty, H McAleer, Loch Place.PC C Butler, PC A Murnan (Linwood) Cllr M Holmes, Bill Brock (Gazette).
The meeting was opened by the acting chairman T Fulton who welcomed all in attendance, in particular two guests Scott Allan and Peter Low from Renfrewshire Council Roads Department.

Minutes of previous meeting were proposed by N. Gardner and seconded by T. Fulton there were no matters arising.


Crimes reported 2nd June - 1st September
33 crimes reported and 13 detected including several on the spot 40 fines.






Enquiries ongoing

House Theft


Enquiries ongoing

Possession of Sumarai sword within a vehicle



Wilful Fire Raising


Enquiries ongoing

It was pointed out to the Community Police officers that there was once again a problem with parking at the bottom of Prieston Road and this was making access to the top of Prieston Road extremely difficult. The diversion in Torr Road was making this problem even worse than usual.
A visitor to the meeting asked the Community Police Officers if adults were seen buying alcohol for minors should members of the public contact the police and was informed that this would be the correct action to take.

Scott Allan and Peter Low were introduced to the meeting gave an update of the engineering works to stabilise the wall at Torr Road as well as an update on the Railway Bridge at Main Street. This work would not be completed until summer of 2010.
Scott Allan then answered questions regarding various road problems throughout the village. He agreed that the diversion within the village is probably not good but unfortunately it is the best that can be done at present. It had been hoped that it would only be short term but due to the complexity of the problem it will take much longer than at first thought. Double yellow lines will be painted in Prieston Road. A suggestion was made that temporary traffic lights be erected and all of Prieston Road have double yellow lines but it was felt that this could cause more problems with traffic congestion on the main road. The question as to why the Bridge had not been regarded as a Capital Funding Problem it was explained that the funding was itself very stretched and they were now being tried to tap into government funding however the bridge was safe. Sustrans responsibility is to ensure that the bridge is safe for 24 ton loads but new regulations require the bridge be secure for up to 40 ton loads. There is also some difficulty in negotiating with Sustrans.
Councillor Holmes suggested that a letter from the three Councillors representing the ward supporting the application could be of help and should the application be unsuccessful then cross party representations may be of some use.
The possibility of the bus shelter at the railway bridge being moved to an area where it could be of more use was raised, however it was pointed out that there were economic reasons connected to advertising revenue that could prevent such a move.
The question of who was responsible for the resurfacing of Loch Road was brought up and it was explained that 16,000 towards this work was due to be paid by Kier Homes and they had been requested to get the work done. When asked what the outcome would be should Kier Homes not be prepared to make this payment it was explained to those in attendance that before the Kier Homes Development was started a Bond was lodged that would allow road repairs etc be carried out should it be required.
Concern was expressed that for yet another winter this work would not be completed. Councillor Holmes explained that it made sense to wait until after the worst of the winter was over as inclement weather would affect the quality of the repairs.
Visitors to the meeting expressed concern to the changes in the X6 bus service. From Monday 7th September there will be no X6 buses going through the village after 7:30am and the first one coming back from Glasgow will be 4:15pm. People living in the areas serviced by the X6 who wish to travel between these times will not have a service at all. It is not only travellers to and from Glasgow that will be affected, it will also affect those villagers who require visits to the doctors surgery and who instead of a walk of 200-300 yards face a trek of around two miles. The meeting was informed that there has been an under spend on rural grants and S. Allan will be attending a meeting on Friday 11th September where he will propose that some of this under spend be put towards the X6
The Chairman thanked both Scott Allan and Peter Low for their most comprehensive replies to all the questions.

COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Councillor Holmes.

There was good news in the bid for funding to improve Livery Walk. Bridge of Weir has been awarded 150,000 towards the regeneration of the area.
Potholes, parking etc all continue to be passed on to the Roads Department.
The Early Warning Indicator that takes place every year will take place on the 6th October. Specific problems can be forwarded to the Councillors and any member of the Community Council who wishes to represent the Community Council would be welcome.
The question as to the route that the diversion will take when Loch Road was being repaired was raised and it generally accepted that the preferred route would be Mimosa Road.
The lighting at Mill Brae is still not as good as it should be with part of the problem being the vegetation that is obscuring the light form one of the lamp posts.

No Report.

Nomination forms for the Provost's Community Awards.
Reminder of the Community Planning Conference to be held on Thursday 24th September in the Cargill Hall.
Trees at Woodside Avenue, An Amenities Supervisor will investigate.
Trees at Gorse Crescent/ Johnstone Road Environmental Services and Housing Section are liaising to have the matter resolved.

The meeting of the Forum took place on Monday 31st August.

The Guest Speaker was John Smart, Principal Officer, Planning and Transport, Renfrewshire Council.

In his presentation he outlined the changes to the Planning process and how it will affect Community Councils.
The response from Community Councils to the Administrative Allownace had still not been great. It was decided that the 400 allowance set in 2001 should be raised maybe around 20% this to be put forward at the consultation of the constitution for the Scheme of Community Councils.

The last item to be discussed was an update on the Model Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils.
The first phase of consultation will run from 7th September until 30th October. The second phase will begin early in the New Year and will last for 8 weeks.
It was decided to have a meeting in early January to discuss the constitution thoroughly.

An appeal by the developer against the rejection of the application for the erection of flats in Mill O'Gryffe Road is with the Reporter, the outcome is at this point unknown.
Secretary's Note. The appeal has been dismissed.

There is a possible new avenue for funding. It can be viewed at however it will not give more than 50% of the cost of the project.
There is to be a Renfrewshire Doors Open Day on 12/13th September details of which can be found on the Renfrewshire Web Site.
The tree in Houston Road Park was removed because a bough had fallen off and was considered to be in a dangerous condition.
The steps leading from Station Road to the Railway Bridge are to be demolished by Sustrans.

A community councillor had received a complaint about the untidy area around the village War Memorial although the council usually clear this before Remembrance Day it was felt that something should be done now. Councillor Holmes will look into this being done.

There are to be 2 weeks of events next year, end of May beginning of June and the Community Council have been asked by Kate Cuthbert, Access Officer to organise an event for Bridge of Weir. This was agreed to.
A visitor mentioned that there is a need for vegetation to be cut on some of the recognised walks, this will be looked into and hopefully something done.
It was mentioned that Environmental Services are making another path down to the river at Loch Place, there is already a path there and it was a questioned as to the sense in carrying out this work and also to the cost.
A Community Councillor mentioned that In January 2009 the Renfrewshire Council stopped the building of an extension on a bungalow at the corner of Dalmahoy Crescent and St. Andrews Drive. The partly built extension is still there. Should the Council not have asked that this be removed? Councillor Holmes will make inquiries.
As there was no other business the meeting was closed.

Date and Time of next meeting.
The next meeting of the Community Council will be the Annual General Meeting and will take place on Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place immediately after the AGM.

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