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From: Bridge of Weir Community Council
Date: 22/02/2012

With reference to your main issues report lodged for public consultation on the 5th December 2011 and with particular reference to the proposed areas for development in Bridge of Weir as outlined on page 56 of the report. Bridge of Weir Community Council would like to raise the following issues, all of which result from its recent soundings with residents of the village.

Approved housing sites
The approved housing sites coloured brown in diagram 23 are not contentious

The preferred additional sites coloured green in page 56 diagram 23 are as follows:
The site at Maxwell Place (behind Neva Place down to the River Gryffe) – there are no objections to this area being redeveloped. However, upgrading of Maxwell Place would be essential to allow safe access/ at the Ranfurly golf course lies within the conservation area and area of outstanding beauty in the village. A previous attempt to develop this area was strongly opposed by residents of Golf Course road, where the majority of properties are “‘Listed”. It is likely that they would again resist any development here. There would also be a knock-on effect to a development here, since the golf course would presumably want to build a replacement, fit for purpose, club at Bull’s garage (the old tannery site) is a high profile location within the village centre and has a right of way access to the river bank running through it. While development of the derelict land (currently used for car parking) would be welcome, the loss of the garage and petrol station business would be a severe blow to the village and should be resisted. The convenience factor to residents and the employment value to the workers should not be underestimated,

Potential retailing opportunity coloured dark blue in page 56 diagram 23.
This area takes in the old railway goods yard and sidings as well as the existing coal yard business. This proposal is the one causing greatest concern to residents for the following reasons;
The coal yard business is a vibrant and much needed facility in the village and surrounding area offering not only coal, but also various gravels, slabbing etc for garden hard landscaping which can be delivered to your door. The loss of this facility would be detrimental to the overall amenity of the village. There is no obvious site for relocation of this business.supermarket, which seems to be what is on offer, would be contrary to enhancing the existing village centre. Experience in other areas clearly shows that out of town and edge of town retail developments lead to a substantial drop in town centre activity, which in turn leads to empty shops and a loss of the very vibrancy that the local plan should seek to maintain and enhance.major development in this area would require considerable upgrading to the existing road infrastructure. This could lead to an improved village gateway and address the existing problems of the road bridge. However, residents are also concerned about the solum of the old rail track (now the Sustran cycle path). There are still ambitions within the local population to revive the rail line and the proposed development here could kill that desire stone dead.capacity of the Gryffe valley sewer infrastructure is generally considered to be lacking and further large development would exacerbate this.value the village feel of the community and do not wish to become just another soulless supermarket town. not part of the MIR, residents are also very concerned that the Moss road play park could be sucked into the development plans without due consideration given to an acceptable alternative. It has already come to their notice that the council has declared this park surplus to requirements without any prior public consultation.
Logic would seem to suggest that, if the derelict ground at Bull’s garage is to be redeveloped, then that is where any new small retail units should be located. It is close to the existing village centre and main shopping areas of Livery walk and Neva Place. It has easy access from the main street and would add to the vibrancy of the village centre.
Finally, since detailed information on the proposals is at present lacking, the community council reserves the right to make further comment as and when details reach the public domain.

For Bridge of Weir Community Council,

Tom Fulton
Vice Chair

The associated map is available here

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