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Oct 7th

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Minutes of the regular meeting held on Tuesday 7th October 2008

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Gordon Lethorn, Tom Fulton, Irene McCallum.

VISITORS: Cllr. M Holmes, PC Tracy Bryan, Andrew Summers, Renfrewshire Council Environmental Services, Eliz. Jack, David Jack, Christine Macvicar.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by N. Gardner and seconded by H. Tidswell.
There were no matters arising.


There were 9 crimes reported and 6 detections.

Attempted housebreaking 1
Housebreaking with intent 1
Misuse of drugs act 1
Road traffic act 1
Assault 1
Theft 1
Wilful fire raising 1
Vandalism 1
Breach of peace 1

The number of crimes compared to the same period last year was down by 65-66%.

Referring to the previous minute PC Bryan explained to the Community Council that when a crime was reported it was "prioritised" by control and if the crime was ongoing then the duty police would follow up the call but it was not possible to give a timescale. If the crime was not ongoing then it would be brought to the attention of the Community Police Officer.
An example of this was when incidents in the vicinity of St. Machar's Church were reported a youth who fitted the description of one of the perpetrators was approached by the officer the incidents ceased.
The Community Police Officer will follow up on complaints about the road signs that are missing on Houston Road and others that are no longer visible due to foliage etc.

At this point the Chairman informed the meeting that the letter requesting that the 40mph limit be extended at Houston Road had been mislaid by the police. Although the letter had been sent during October 2007 the Secretary had a copy and would send this on to the police.

A visitor reported that youths were once again gathering at Millbrae and unfortunately even earlier than previously. They are drinking and making a great deal of noise. The resident has telephoned the police as directed but on most occasions they had gone by the time they had arrived. It would appear that the youths are purchasing the alcohol earlier in the day and hiding it until around 7pm.

COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Cllr. Michael Holmes

There is an ongoing issue regarding St. Mungo Court and the possibility that it could be designated for the elderly.

Livery Walk - the work is due to be carried out shortly.

The early warning walk highlighting problem areas in the village will be taking place soon and the Councillor was asked why the Community Council had not been invited to take part in this walk. Councillor Holmes had been unaware that they had not been invited and would ensure that an invitation would be sent out.

A Community Councillor suggested that a high fence be erected at the back of Gryffe High School as pupils are leaving the school by that route and it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

A request for a "No through road" sign at Mill Brae was made. Cars are using this area for turning making things difficult for the residents.


The Secretary reported that she had had contact from Paul MacPherson at the Traffic Division Strathclyde Police regarding the extension of the speed limit on Houston Road, this letter had been mislaid by them, a copy of the letter has already been sent.

A letter inviting us to join the Renfrewshire West Crime Prevention Panel, the Chairman asked for a volunteer as the date for reply was 10th October.

The date for the ASCC Annual National Conference is on Saturday 22nd November at the Parliament in Edinburgh.

Nomination forms have been received for the Provost's Community Awards.

TREASURER'S REPORT: see attached sheet.

A grant request for 1750 was made to Renfrewshire Council to help with the cost of Christmas Lights. After discussion at the Local Area Committee meeting in September 1000 was granted.
A proposal that 500 from the General Fund be given to the Christmas Lights fund was made.
Proposed N. Gardner- seconded H. Tidswell.

The Chairman made a request to one of the Community Councillors that he make a list of the items, rubbish etc. that have been left behind by the Gas Board and follow this up with a phone call for their removal.

It was indicated to the Community Council that if the Park's Committee confirmed that the intention was to begin work on Moss Road Park and The Glen then the holders of the money left in the CCTV fund would give 16,000 instead of the 8000 originally offered.

Date and time of next meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4th November at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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