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Oct 6th

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council
held on Tuesday 6th October at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gordon Lethorn, Harold Tidswell, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin,

APOLOGIES: Tom Fulton, Andrew Crawford, Nicholl Gardner

VISITORS: Councillor Langlands, Bill Brock, Gazette, PC C Butler, PC A Murnin, Community Policing Team.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P.Allen and seconded by D. McKenzie


A question was put as to whether or not there had been any feedback regarding the surplus rural funding that we had hoped could be used to subsidise the X6. The meeting was informed that there had been a change at Renfrewshire Council management level and that perhaps explained the lack of communication.

Councillor Langlands informed the meeting that the work carried out recently at Livery Walk should be completed soon. However a Community Council member disagreed and reported that there was quite a long snagging list e.g. windows/doors not closing properly. A representative of the Tennant's and Residents Association had spoken to the contractors who have indicated that a meeting planned in approximately two weeks should hopefully resolve any problems that are still outstanding.


The report was given by Two Community Police Officers based in Linwood.

1st September - 5th October 2009.

18 crimes reported 10 detected
7 thefts (mainly housebreaking) 5 detected
1 wilful fire raising
1 motor tax offence
3 vandalism 4 thefts from farm trails (~3000)
1 assault/1 breach of peace both detected (part of same crime)

The Community Council were asked if an application for the procession from Freeland Church to Livery Walk for the switch on of the the Christmas lights had been made. However when being informed that the numbers would only be 100-200 it was thought that permission would not be required but it was decided to make a telephone enquiry to Renfrewshire council Licensing rather than find out a later date that this was incorrect.

Parking - the officers were asked if it was true that even if only one wheel of a car was on a pavement the owner could receive a booking, at some points the roads are so narrow that if cars did not do this the buses would not get past. It was explained that gaps should be left to allow bus passage and that although Lintwhite Crescent was mainly affected the rule did apply to the entire village. It was also said that discretion would be used but blatant discourtesy would be treated as an offence.
The parking cones that had been placed in Prieston Road have disappeared- culprit unknown. When there is parking on either side of the road it is very difficult to make any progress. Shop keepers in the area have complained that they are losing business as customers cannot find parking places. The situation has been made worse by the diversion due to the closure of Torr Road, and it was hoped that the bus route would be back to normal the week beginning 9th October.
Anyone drinking alcohol openly in public is committing an offence and the public should feel free to report this and anyone caught doing so could be fined the standard fine of 40 which has to be paid within 28 days.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Written report presented at meeting.


A letter received from Cllr Holmes asking that we identify roads and pavements for inclusion in the Carraigeway and Footway Repair Programme for 2010/11.
Notification of the ASCC Conference to be held on 14th November at the Scottish Parliament.
An invitation for a meeting of Community Councils with local MSP's and MP.
A letter was received from the group who are protesting at the closure of Johnstone and Elderslie Swimming Baths. Councillor Langlands explained that the intention of Renfrewshire Council is to provide a new swimming pool in Linwood at the Sports Centre, and a new pool within Johnstone High School. Apparently the high maintenance costs of old pools are much higher than the cost of new builds. Details of plans, costs etc. are to be found on the council website.
There is also an online petition should anyone decide to support the opposition to the closures.


The appeal made by the proposed developers in Mill "O" Gryffe Road has failed. The building of one dwelling house on the site would however be acceptable.

It was decided to invite John Smart, Principal Officer, Planning and Transport to a future meeting.

Community Councillors were invited to report to the Secretary any problems regarding roads and pavement before 17th October in order for her to send in a combined list to the appropriate department by October 20th.
There was a "Village Walkabout" - Six officials, three Renfrewshire Councillors and a member of the Community Council. Various issues were highlighted e.g. burnt seat near the corner at Lintwhite Crescent, flooding at 35 / 36 Lintwhite Crescent, overgrown vegetation at several parts of the village, no swings or benches in Moss Road Park, lighting problems in Mill Brae.
A member of the public had contacted the Community Council regarding the condition of the pavements from St Andrews Drive / Glendentan Road area to the village and difficulty when pushing a pram. It was mentioned that many of the pavements in the village are unadopted and therefore there could be difficulty in identifying the owners, however it was decided that letter should be sent to the roads department with our concerns.

With no further business the Chairman closed the meeting.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community council will take place on Tuesday 3rd November at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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