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Oct 2nd

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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 2nd October at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Patricia Alien, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Andrew Crawford, Harold Tidswell, Gordon Lethorn, PC Tom Callaghan, Councillor Puthucheary.

APOLOGIES: Nicholl Gardner, Tom Fulton.

VISITORS: Insp.John Laing, Community Police, Irene McCallum, Student Cardonald College,

The meeting was opened by Chairman S. Clark who thanked all in attendance.

The minutes of the last meeting were proposed by A. Crawford and seconded by P. Alien.


The cost of the insurance was 205 and not 250 as written in the minutes.


Motor Vehicles

Misc. Theft
Drink Bye-laws
Minor Assault
Road Traffic Offences
Other crimes

Broken into



There have been a number of successes in serving Application Warrants. A request has been made that the timing of the traffic lights at Main Street/Houston Road be observed. Inspector John Laing was introduced and he reported that he was pleased with the "visible and robust policing" that was now in practice in the area. He was also pleased to report that there had been an increase in detection rates. Extra visits to licensed premises have been made and detection rates of underage drinking were up by 300%. One of the main causes of concern was vandalism and help was needed from members of the public as by itsvery nature it was difficult to detect the perpetrators. Another grave cause for concern was the increase in violence across Scotland as a whole. A community councillor commented on the new CCTV vehicle and asked if it would be possible for this to be used in Bridge of Weir. Inspector Laing said that although there was at present only one of these vehicle should it prove to be successful then more could be bought. He also said that if the situation was considered priority then it could be available. When asked about static CCTV for the village and given a little history on the problems that had presented themselves Inspector Laing said that he would look into the background of this himself.

Councillor Puthucheary:

The Councillor said that she would send out her written report directly to each member.
She reported that there is no plan to sell off land belonging to Gryffe High School as had
been rumoured.
The Roads department have been contacted regarding parking in Kilgraston Road. And
the meeting was informed that resurfacing of Kilgraston Road should be taking place in
the week beginning 8 October.
When asked if she knew about the removal of the bollards outside GryflFe garage and
Shimla Cottage Councillor Puthucheary said that she would make inquiries regarding this.
Another planning application has been received for the construction of a dwelling house in
Kilgraston Road, a letter will be sent from the community council confirming our original
When a community councillor asked if it would be possible to extend the 30mph zone to
cover Houston Road to GryflFe High School he was informed that a previous request for
this had been refused, however the body of the meeting felt that a further request should
be made.
A letter will be sent to Renfrewshire Council pointing out that the signs put up by Estate Agents etc. had once again proliferated and asking if these can be removed. It was also decided that a letter should be sent to First Bus asking them to remove their signs from lamp posts.

TREASURER'S REPORT : See attached sheet.


The Secretary along with the Chairman and Treasurer had attended the Community Planning Conference at the Reid Kerr College, Paisley.
As there was no other competent business the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.
Date and time of next meeting:
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be on Tuesday 11th
November at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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