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Nov 6th

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 6 November 2007 at 7.30 pm in the Cargill Hall

PRESENT- Tom Fulton, Andrew Crawford. Sandra Liddell. Jim Ellis, Harold Tidswell, Pat Allan, Margaret Mills, Irene McCallum

APOLOGIES: Sandy Clark, Elizabeth O'Hare, Nicoll Gardner, Donald McKenzie.

VISITORS: Irene Lament, Gladys Jones, George Adams, Anne Williamson, Mr and Mrs D McDonald.

In the absence of the Chairman the meeting was chaired by Tom Fulton.


The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by M Mills, and seconded by H Tidswell.


With no Councillors or Police in attendance there were no reports.

The first of the visitors from Gryffe Castle and Thistlebank brought up the point that the brown bins at Gryffe Castle and the blue bins at Thistlebank had not been emptied. A farther point at lack of street cleaning at these areas was raised, and the contractors who had resurfaced the road damaged a paving stone and failed to fix it until contacted by the complainant directly. The secretary would write to Environmental Services and copy to the Councillors.

Representatives from the Peat Road and Gorse Crescent area brought to the attention of the community council that Peat Road was being used as a terminus by local bus companies, particularly Arriva. They were not only using the street as a turning point, but were sitting parked up for 15 minutes with their engines running outside residents homes. This not only interfered with the privacy of the households but was also illegal. When challenged by some of the residents the drivers were rude and claimed that if they switched off the engines they may not start again. A copy of a letter written to the community council was read out. It was agreed that T Fulton would discuss this with S Clark before writing to SPT. The secretary would copy the correspondence to those concerned.

A resident of Gorse Crescent brought a copy of a letter and a petition before the community council objecting to a new bus route. Residents were happy with the present bus company and timetable and felt that there are not enough passengers using the buses to warrant another company coming into the village. It was pointed out that there were 136 names on the petition and there could easily be more if required.

A member of the community council raised several concerns that had been passed to her by members of the public.

Overhanging branches
around the village, in particular at Montrose Terrace householders could be approached in the first instance.

Members of the public visiting Gryffe High School in the evening were concerned that the computers seemed to be left switched on. The secretary was asked to write to the Headmaster.

The illegal signage on lampposts, the member had received a letter from Renfrewshire Council telling her that they had written to all Estate Agents explaining that if they do not remove then-signs the Council may charge them for any that they have to remove. The signs were still up and it was felt that a little more time was required to see if they will be removed.


The secretary will confirm with Renfrewshire Council that an electrician will be in attendance at the switch on.

The community council had written to the Festival Committee on 15 September to confirm if the Gala Queen and attendants would be available for the lights switch-on along with the Santa Wagon. In the letter, mention was made that there would be no other collection boxes at the event as the community council were collecting themselves to help with the funding for the future of the event. However the Festival Committee were informed that the community council would give them a donation of 50.
A letter of reply had been received without the information required, but asking for a
representative of the community council to attend their next meeting on 14th November. Tom Fulton agreed to attend and asked the secretary to come with him to take notes.


Due to the proximity of the lights switch on and our next meeting it was decided that the December meeting be moved to the following week. The meeting will be held on Tuesday 11th December.

The January meeting will be cancelled and the first meeting of the New Year will be on Tuesday 5 February, however should any business needing urgent attention before that a meeting will be called.

There has been a complaint from the Royal British Legion Club regarding rubbish being left in the car park after the monthly Car Boot sale. It was decided to write a letter to the Festival Committee asking them to look into this.

Web site:

All members were asked to give D McKenzie as much information as possible to be included on the web site to try and keep it fresh.

Signing project:

All information has been given to Kate Cuthbert and A Phillips, leaflets and new signs should
be available early summer.

Association of Community Council's AGM, T Fulton and J Ellis attended. No action that Bridge of Weir have to take.


See attached sheet.
General Fund and the Project Fund are to be kept separate. Money needs to collected to keep the project fund active.


Correspondence from previous meeting.

Letter to Bill Mitchell on his resignation from the Community Council due to pressure of work. Thanked him for his contribution to the community council over the years.

Roads Department on the Houston Road traffic calming, waiting on reply.

First Bus on the route change notices due to carriageway resurfacing being left on lamp posts since September. They did phone as soon as they received the letter and said that they would be out within days to remove.

Have written to the Planning Department about the legality of Estate Agency boards on lampposts etc. Still waiting on a reply.

E.mailed Bill Brock on further information on the band for the Christmas lights, he is getting

in touch with David Burnie and will e.mail when he has the information.
Date and time of next meeting.
The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be on Tuesday 11 December at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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