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Nov 4th

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 4th November 2008 in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Tom Fulton, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Andrew Crawford, Gordon Lethorn, Harold Tidswell, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mill, Donald McKenzie, Irene McCallum,

APOLOGIES: Sandy Clark, Nicholl Gardner, Helen Martin.

VISITORS: Cllr Iain Langlands, Mr Harry Gould, Renfrewshire Council Mediation Service Co-ordinator.

The meeting was opened by T. Fulton, the acting chairman who welcomed all in attendance.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P.Allen and seconded by M. Mills.
There were no matters arising.

Mr. Harry Gould, Renfrewshire Council Mediation Service Co-ordinator, was also welcomed and invited to give a talk on the work done by his department.

He gave out the Anti-social behaviour (ASB) helpline number- 0800 169 1283. Several members of the Community Council admitted they had not known of its existence.
The line is manned from 9am until 10pm EVERY DAY.
Mr. Gould went on to give examples of the situations that have been helped by the Mediation Service, emphasising the unbiased position taken and also the way that it focused on future relationships. He also stressed that mediation will not make situations worse.
However there are situations that the Mediation Service will not deal with e.g.
Estate Management - Housing Office Responsibility
Violence - Police
There is also a "Support Service" for around three months after mediation.
All in all it was a most informative and interesting talk and after taking some questions from those present Mr. Gould was thanked by the acting chairman on behalf of the Community Council.

POLICE REPORT: There was no Community Police Officer in attendance therefore there was no report.

COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Cllr. Iain Langlands.

An up to date list of roads and footpaths in need of repair was requested although it was pointed out that there was no guarantee that all would be done.
The area surrounding Kier Homes development has still not been cleared of rubbish left over from building and it was decided that they be contacted in the hope that this clean up will be carried out as soon as possible.

Although there has been a delay in starting the work on Livery Walk it will be completed but not within the original given time schedule.

Renfrewshire Council is aware of the problem regarding flooding issues at the Clydesdale Bank.

In the spring the Community Council wrote to Renfrewshire Council regarding the drains in the village being ineffective and as far as the Community Council is aware nothing has been done. However the Councillor said that drain maintenance had not really been taken up by Renfrewshire Council. The community council will write again.

Councillor Langlands was asked if Renfrewshire Council had any input as to when utility work i.e. gas supplies were to be finished as it would appear that over the past few months roads have been dug up and refilled with monotonous regularity.
It was then explained to the Community Council that there is a National Street Register in order that communication between the various agencies is available. Renfrewshire Council does not really have any say in these works unless the roads are not left in a proper condition.

When it was commented that the shrubs around Ammareto's had been rather savagely cut back it was explained that this had not been done by Renfrewshire Council.

The owner of the back end of the car park there apparently wants to use it as a builder's yard but this would require planning permission. The community council will comment appropriately when / if a planning application is submitted.

There will be a Public Planning Hearing in Bishopton Community Centre on 12th November at 6pm in order that all opinions may be heard before a decision is taken regarding planning for the Royal Ordinance Factory site.

Councillor Langlands was told that the 30mph sign is missing in Houston Road. However he explained that he had already been informed of this by letter and that the matter would be attended to.

The lighting in Mill Brae is still unacceptable and the traffic Light on the village side at Houston Road had been turned around were two other items brought to the Councillor's attention.
Fencing at the wall adjacent to the kiosk on Houston Road has been upgraded.

TREASURER'S REPORT: See attached sheet.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: A letter has been received from the Festival Committee explaining that at present they do not have a "Santa Claus" at the moment but that there will be one in time for the switching on of the Christmas Lights.
The Secretary reported that much of the correspondence for the month that had been e.mailed / posted out had been regarding the Christmas Lights switch-on.
Cllr Langlands had replied that he would be attending.
Follow-up correspondence has been sent to PC Paul MacPherson of the Traffic Department, Strathclyde Police to extend the speed limit on Houston Road.
A letter was received from Cllr Holmes with follow up progress and information from our October meeting.


CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Letters have gone to various parties.
The ceremony will start at 5:45pm with a Carol Service, led by the primary school choir in Freeland Church. This will be followed with a parade to Livery Walk where the lights will be switched on at 6:30pm. The Santa Wagon with Santa will be in attendance.
After the switch-on a buffet is available in the Royal British Legion Club hall. The Port Glasgow Silver Band will be playing in the hall
Morrison's have kindly agreed to donate selection boxes to the members of the choir.

The 1000 grant from the local area committee will be used to enhance the lighting display and with the cost of putting up and removing the lights.

For future years, it is planned to replace the smallest tree that has not grown in pace with the others at Livery Walk, with a 25ft sicta spruce. This will be dependent on funds being available and, to this end, a grant request will be submitted to the Renfrewshire Environmental Trust..

The treasurer requested that members submit any outstanding expense claims.


Bin Emptying
This problem surfaces from time to time. On this occasion bins were not lifted in the Belleisle Crescent area and a second trip was required by the uplift team.
It would appear that any benefit from recycling is cancelled out by the extra fuel, wages etc. that this would cost.
If the bin lorry fails to uplift the black bin then if a call is made to the depot a small vehicle will be sent out the same day.

A suggestion was made that the village acquire a "Notice Board" in order to advertise events in the village. The Community Council thought this was a good idea and will investigate the feasibility.


Due to the Christmas Lights Switch-on the meeting has been moved by one week.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 9th December at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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