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Nov 3rd

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Of the ordinary meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd November 2009 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Gordon Lethorn, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Sandy Clark, Andrew Crawford.

VISITORS: Councillor Puthucheary, Anne McNaughton, Community Council Liaison Officer, Renfrewshire council, PC A McKay, PC A Williams.

The meeting was opened by Acting Chairman Tom. Fulton who welcomed all present.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Margaret Mills and seconded by Donald McKenzie.
There were no matters arising.

Police Report:
In the preceding month there were 20 crimes reported and of these 10 have been detected.

Household thefts






Licensing Offence


Wilful Fire Raising




Road Traffic Offenses


Misuse of Drugs


Breach of the Peace




Communication Acts



Councillor's Report:
A Road Show is being held in the Cargill Hall on Saturday7th November that will explain details of the new rubbish and recycling requirements and the new collection timetables.

It has been agreed that there will be disabled parking bays at the Cargill Hall.

Illegal parking hotspots in the village have been identified although it was pointed out that even on double yellow lines parking for ten minutes is legal. The main problem seems to be opposite Amaretto's on the Main Street and at the junction of Kilbarchan Road and Prieston Road. Kerb markings would mean instant fines unlike double yellow lines. A Community Councillor requested that these lines also be put in place across from the Cargill Hall.

It was explained that both signs and the double yellow lines were required. The fact that there is only one Traffic Warden for the entire area covered by the villages and Johnstone was also commented on.

The bus stop beside Amaretto's is a danger to passengers trying to cross to either side of the road from the bus stop. Possible solutions aired were that the bus stop be moved or a pedestrian crossing.

The service for the X6 has been severely curtailed and at present the only extra service is "Dial a Bus". The feedback from villagers attempting to use this service suggests that it is basically hopeless.
The MSP Bill Wilson has sent out 500 letters to villagers for a survey on the number of journeys, times etc.

Regarding the collection of rubbish it was pointed out to the Community Council that the bin men frequently leave the empty bins in a group some distance from many of the houses and that this is particularly awkward for many elderly or disabled people.

It was reported by a Community Councillor that the village now only has the services of the road sweeper for one and a half hours a day as he also has to do Houston and Johnstone.

It was requested that the signing at Joe's Brae be corrected, It was pointed out that it was neither Locher Road and Jock's Brae but Crosslee Road and Joe's Brae. The Community Council will send a letter to the Roads Department at Renfrewshire Council.

Councillor Putucheary said that she will look into these matters.

Treasurer's Report: As given at meeting:

Secretary's Report:
Letters have gone out with invitations and final arrangements for the Lights Switch-on taking place on Wednesday 2nd December. Awaiting confirmation from Band and School choir.

Received a letter from Iain Hamilton, Head of Roads concerning the unadopted pavements within the village. He suggested that we contact the owners of these pavements, however the Community Council did not feel it was their place to do so, but the Councils.

Planning Report:
Fundathon is being held in the Wynd Centre, Paisley on Thursday 19th November where there will be two workshops on funding.

Jim Ellis has resigned as substitute Rep. To the Forum. Donald McKenzie has agreed to become the substitute, Sandra Liddell will remain as rep.

On 13th/14th November there is to be an Age Fest at the Lagoon Centre in Paisley.

The December meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th December at the new time of 7pm.

December 2nd is the switch on of the Christmas Lights, the event will begin at 5.45pm with carol singing in Freeland Church, the lights switch on at 6.30pm at Livery Walk and finish with light refreshments in the Royal British Legion Club.

The request by Music Together to advertise on the Community Council web page has been agreed for a trial period.

Parks Project:
The tender for the improvement work proposed for the Glen has been sent out and it is thought that the initial cost could be 27,000. It is hoped that the work itself will start in February 2010.

The tendering process for the Zip slide in Houston Road Park is hoped to be completed by 1st December 2009.

The third phase of the Park's Project is to look at Moss Road Park and the group would appreciate input in particular from residents of the area of the park. At the moment a sporting theme is being considered.

Councillor Putucheary commented that although she was aware that the CCTV fund had contributed to the Park's Project she wondered if there were any funds remaining and would it be possible to make requests for funding from these funds.
The Community Council were informed by a member of the Treasurer of the CCTV group that 24,000 was to be divided equally between the three parks and that 8000 had already been given for Houston Road Park. It is now possible that the remaining 16,000 will be handed over rather than wait until the work for each park be started.

There remains a balance and this will be distributed equally among various village organisations, this will allow the CCTV fund to be closed.

The NHS meeting that was attended by Helen Martin was not very successful due partly to the fact that there was insufficient time for all of the topics on the agenda to be discussed.

Date and time of next meeting.
The next ordinary meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 8th December at the new time of 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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