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May 5th

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 5th May 2009 in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Tom Fulton, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Margaret Mills, Helen Martin, Gordon Lethorn.

APOLOGIES: Donald McKenzie, Irene McCallum.

VISITORS: Councillor Langlands, Bill Brock (Gazette), PC Alex Marshall, PC Colin Kilgour.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who welcomed all in attendance.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.

The minutes were proposed by Jim Ellis and seconded by Margaret Mills.

The Chairman intimated that the minutes would be sent out electronically, however those who cannot access them will continue to receive them by ordinary mail.




1 detected
2 ongoing enquiries

Drunk & incapable


arrest made



1 detected

Drunk driving


arrest made




Detection Rate 35%

ASBO tickets have also been handed out (40 fixed penalty)

During the past month "Operation Fleet" took place in the area and this involved using 250 officers among which were new probationers and mounted police. The idea
behind this operation was that it would act as a deterrent and it would appear that this has been successful.

A community councillor commented that he had been on the last bus from Glasgow and it appeared that police were observing those people who got onto the bus in Houston, then followed it into Bridge of Weir and observed these same people getting off. In his opinion it would perhaps have been a better idea for the police to have actually gone on the bus as the language and attitude of those particular passengers had given some cause for concern. It was pointed out by the Community Police that in order for the police to do this an application would have to have been made.

At present there are 9 community police covering 2 wards.

A member of the public had asked if steps could be taken to prevent car owners from other areas of the village using some parts of Houston Road as a "Park and Ride". The community police suggested the person concerned write to the Roads Department requesting "Residents Only" parking signs to be put in place.
In April 2010 Parking Wardens will take on the responsibility issuing parking tickets

A written report from Cllr Holmes following on from the previous meeting.

He has contacted the Roads Department regarding the traffic lights at Main Street / Torr Road and Main Street / Houston Road.
Requested that Environmentals Services clean-up rubbish behind the railings at the paper shop.

Councillor Langlands:
Councillor Langlands confirmed that the fortnightly collection of rubbish will go ahead but will get further details.

A general discussion then took place regarding plans given to Councillor Langlands by a businessman for regeneration of the village centre. The community council were interested in the idea as a first step towards further discussion when a meeting can be arranged between members of the community council and the parties involved.

At the request of the Tenants and Residents Association members of the Environmental Services had visited the village and have identified several areas in need of attention. They have already taken some action in the Moss Road Park area. Councillor Langlands was asked if he would request that Environmental Services visit the St. Machar's Road area adjacent to Blair's coal yard and the area next to the walkway. It was explained that for more than ten years attempts have been made to get Environmental Services to deal with the litter and dumping that has gone on in that area. Although coming out and walking the area they have done nothing. Councillor Langlands said that he would contact them and pass on contact details of the community councillor who lives in that area.

The chairman informed the meeting that the work in Houston Road Park should be completed in time for Gala Day.
On being questioned as to what was happening in the other parks he said that there was money available for the Glen- 3000 plus 8000 from the CCTV group- and that further funds were being requested.
It was hoped to have a sports theme for Moss Road Park although exactly what has yet to be decided.

TREASURER'S REPORT - see attached sheet.

The Secretary wrote to the Roads Department regarding the resurfacing at Loch Road and read out the reply. It was decided that the answer was not satisfactory and would write again.
The next Forum meeting would be on Monday 11th May.
We received posters and leaflets from Renfrewshire Council to try and inform the Public about Community Councils. Helen Martin agreed to distribute them in the usual places.

The planning application for the proposed flats at Mill O Gryffe Road has again been refused.
Details of the condition of gullies within the village can be seen on the web page.

The British Legion cannot accommodate the hospitality for the switch on of the Christmas Lights due to a commitment to Indoor Bowling.
Enquiries will be made regarding alternative venues e.g. Freeland Church Hall.

It was noted that the signs for the village walkways are now appearing and work is being done on history boards.

There are trees in Warlock Road/Woodside Road in need of attention. The roots were disturbed when the footpath to the nursery was being laid and could now be considered as dangerous.
In Back Road there are also trees in need of attention, some of these being on the top verge.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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