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May 3rd

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Minutes of regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held at 7.00pm on Tuesday Tuesday 3 May 2011 in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Gordon Lethorn, Helen Martin, Donald McKenzie, Margaret Mills, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gaynor Svensson.

APOLOGIES; Patricia Allan

VISITORS: Heather Arthur, Martin Arthur, Robert Letham, Robina Letham, St Mungo Sourt.
Cllr. Micheal Holmes. PC Karen McCrystal, PC ?

The Chairman opened the meeting and expressed that he was honoured to have once again been elected chairperson.
He requested that a letter be sent to both A. Crawford and N. Gardiner thanking them for all of the work that they had done while being members of the community council.

The Chairman also proposed E. O'Hare to be Minute Secretary and this was seconded by H. Martin.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by M. Mills and seconded by H. Martin.


17 Offences 11 Detected




Assault Common



Criminal Justice Licensing Act Sect 38



Theft X Shoplifting






Offensive Weapon



Drunk Driving



Road Traffic Offence



The Community Police Officers informed the meeting that they were aware of the problems caused by teenagers congregating on the cycle path and will endeavour to increase the amount of cycle patrols.
Visitors to the meeting spoke of the problems with traffic in the Lintwhite Crescent/Moss Road area.Not only were vehicles speeding but some lorries have been seen mounting the pavements.

It was explained that due to the street layout it was not possible to use equipment that would enable actual speeds to be recorded and it was no longer in their remit to issue warrants for parking on pavements although Traffic Wardens can do so.

The meeting was also informed that Police Officers had attended almost all meetings held in the Cargill Hall requesting that those who went to such meetings no longer parked on pavements.

A request was made that speed bumps be introduced in Lintwhite Crescent/Moss Road.

Dog fouling in the area was also highlighted particularly in the area immediately behind St. Mungo Court. The point was made that when residents approached those responsible for the non- removal of dog waste they were met with threatening behaviour. The Community Police told the meeting that if subjected to this sort of behaviour then residents should have no hesitation in telephoning the police.

A request was made for someone from the Neighbourhood Wardens attend a meeting of the Community Council giving an update of the times that the wardens were in Bridge of Weir and their duties
Parents should also contact the local schools if bus drivers are seen using their mobile phones while driving the school buses.

At this point in the meeting the chairman introduced Sue Whiteford from Renfrewshire Environmental Trust who gave the meeting a brief overview of the remit of the trust. In general it is there to promote energy efficiency and to give information on recycling waste as well as providing small grants that would be used for various village projects such the purchase of bedding plants. There is also a project that allows householders to detect areas of their homes from which heat escapes. The villages of Lochwinnoch and Kilbarchan have made use of this service.



An invitation had been received for us to attend a Planning Conference / Workshop on Tuesday 10 May. S Liddell and H Martin said they would be willing to attend.

Reports had both been sent to Gazette and Advertizer advertising GO Bridge of Weir day on Sunday 29 May.


Cllr. Holmes together with local residents, representatives of Scottish Water, SEPA and members of Renfrewshire Council met with management of NCT to discuss the continuing problem of the dreadful small that comes from the tannery. There has been two Enforcement Notices served on NCT. NCT informed those in attendance that new equipment had been ordered and although there is a 14 week delay between ordering and receiving this equipment it is hoped that everything should be in place by / during September of this year.

There is to be significant investment in road repairs therefore it is most important that all pot holes are reported. Several members of the Community Council advised Cllr. Holmes of some that they were aware of and urged other members to report anyin their areas.

Once again the issue of street lights remaining switched on during daylight hours was raised. It would appear that it is possible that systems are being tested. Comment was made that this has been going on for a long time.

Freeland Church are having their annual open air service on Sunday 29th at 10:30am in their car park and have requested the involvement once again of the Community Council in the organising the family walk/cycle. The Church will provide a light lunch and the Community Council will provide juice and crisps to a maximum cost of 50. Friends and family are encouraged to go along. The walks/cycling will be starting at approximately 12:45.

Xmas Lights

The grant application has been submitted but it was decided that the decision regarding the date would be taken by a sub-committee once details of the Santa Wagon and functions in the British Legion were available.

The plans for the library are on view in the Cargill Hall.

The Chairman asked for a volunteer to write press reports immediately after the meetings for submission to the local press, Helen Martin agreed to do this. Gaynor Svensson agreed to make posters advertising the GO Bridge of Weir Day.

It was decided to cancel the meeting due to be held on Tuesday 28th June.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 7 June at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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