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May 1st

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 1st May at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Gordon Lethorn, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie. PC Tom Callaghan,

APOLOGIES: Elizabeth O’Hare, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner.

VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette), M Preece, M Cairns, F Lethorn, Mr & Mrs P Cooper.


There was a correction to the information to the notice about the raffle to raise money for the Christmas Lights. It should have said will be drawn on Gala Day.
The minute was then proposed by T. Fulton, and seconded by M. Mills.

The Chairman then invited the visitors to address the meeting.
Mr and Mrs Cooper wished to bring to the attention of the community council the unruly behaviour of neighbours and to work on their house which the council had promised to attend to four years ago but had still not been undertaken.
PC Callaghan said that he would get in touch with the antisocial behaviour unit and try to get an action plan in place.
The Chairman stated that the community council would write a letter on their behalf to Mr Cant, and he further suggested that they should attend the Annual General Meeting of the Tenants and Residents Association on Tuesday 8th May and raise there problems with them.


PC Callaghan reported to the meeting that he was going to be in his post in Bridge of Weir for at least another year. He gave his report for the last two months as he was unable to attend last months meeting.

Break-ins Domestic
" " Commercial
Motor Vehicles Broken into
" " Stolen
Miscellaneous Theft
Drink Bye Laws
Serious Assault
Other Crimes (drugs)
Road Traffic Offences

06/03/07 - 02/04/07
30 Crimes



04/04/07 - 01/05/07
19 Crimes



Attention was drawn to concerns about vandalism particularly around the Primary School. Police are aware of this situation and would encourage any members of the public who see anyone around the area to contact the police.
Concerns were also raised about the youngsters sitting drinking on the stairs at Livery Walk out of site of any police cars. Residents found these gangs quite intimidating and would not venture while they were there.
They are also annoyed by youths playing football late at night. PC Callaghan said that he would give the matter his attention.

Residents from Livery Walk then raised the matter of the condition of the roof at that location.which needs to be completely replaced. Holes in the roof, rotting timbers and vermin are some of the problems encountered. Residents have been told for the last two to three years that the roof needs to be replaced , but the council have not as yet undertaken the necessary work. The community council will write a letter to Mr Cant, and suggested that the residents attend the Annual General Meeting of the Tenants and Residents Association on 8th and raise their problems with them.
They further raised the question of car parking as parking in the car park leaves cars vulnerable to damage and vandalism.
Bin men emptying the bins and allowing rubbish to fall is adding to the problem of vermin and making it dangerous to walk. The community council will write to Environmental Services.

At this point the Chairman suggested that Supt McCallum, who will be the guest speaker at our next meeting, had asked for a list of points to discussed, It was suggested that these should be:
Youth Disorder
ASBO - how to target.
Escalation of problems in Mimosa Road
Insufficient resources.



At the Forum meetings community councils had complained that some Councillors did not attend community council meetings. It was agreed to invite all new Councillors for our Ward to attend the June meeting and then give them a list of dates of our future meetings. It was further suggested that with co-operation between parties one report could be issued to the community council.

TREASURER’S REPORT: See enclosed sheet.


After the previous meeting we sent a letter to Kier Homes regarding the damaged fence in Elm Road and lack of pavement cleansing. A reply has been received saying that the site manager will investigate the complaint.
We wrote to Mr McManus of Environmental Services regarding the street cleaning, we have not received a reply.
A letter was sent to Roads Department regarding the handrail at the top of the steps to Montrose Terrace, the subject of the original complaint. An instruction has been issued for the repair to be carried out.
Within the month it was discovered that the Doctors Surgery had a petition ongoing regarding the speed of traffic on the Kilmacolm Road and the trouble some patients had on exiting the car park. I brought this to the attention of the Chairman. We wrote the Surgery, and we also contacted the Police Traffic Department and the Roads Department with regard to extra signage. We have had no reply from the police, however a letter has been received from Mr Hamilton, Head of Roads. He said that works were ongoing in the area as part of the A761 Route Action Plan, a proposal would be brought forward at the appropriate time and we would be notified.


I attended the Forum meeting on Monday 16th April along with Jim Ellis.
On arrival we were informed that we had to vacate the premises by 7.45pm.
Alex Hewetson went through the Forum year and the guest speakers who had attended. He then read out a statement / report from the Chairman, Eddie Devine.
There was one place vacant on the Management Board. It had been previously decided by the Chairman and Treasurer that I should put my name forward for the position. This was accepted and I am now a member of the Forum Management Board.
A short term working group of representatives from different areas meeting around six times a year has been set-up and the representative from Renfrewshire Council is Dr Nick Walker, Chairman of Howwood Community Council along with Alex Hewetson.
That closed the Business of the Annual General Meeting.
The ordinary meeting was then addressed by Councillor Sam Mullin. He spoke about visiting many community councils along with Alex. We were then given a map of the new Ward boundaries. Many questions arose from this. One was would Councillors attend community council meetings. Alex suggested that community councils invite along the new Councillors to attend the first meeting after the elections. One member who started to get political was asked to sit down. The following day all community council Secretary’s received an e-mail regarding this incident and reminding us that community council members should exercise care and discretion particularly at election time.
The meeting then closed with a date for the next one, possibly in June, to be arranged


Residential Applications, we have no comment to make.
Car Wash at site of Barclays' Dairy, this will be discussed at next weeks subcommittee meeting
A new application for mast as Old Ranfurly Golf Club, discussed at next weeks meeting.
Fence at Priestonhill has been approved with conditions.
Next weeks subcommittee meeting to discuss;
Above applications
Input to Kate Cuthbert. Thinking about publishing a leaflet with information for the general public.
Begin planning for Christmas lights.


It was noted that work on the installation of the traffic lights had come to a halt. It was agreed to send a letter to Renfrewshire Council and ask what there intentions are regarding this and possibly asking Scott Allen to attend our meeting.

Web site is under construction and our web address is
It is hoped that all the minutes will be put onto the site.
A fence at Bulls Garage is falling down and it was suggested that we write a letter to the owner.
It was reported that a delegation from the football club were writing a letter to Renfrewshire Council regarding the drain in Lintwhite Park.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5th June at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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