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Mar 6th

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 6th march at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gordon Lethorn, Harold Tidswell, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Nicholl Gardner, Donald McKenzie. PC Tom Callaghan, Cllr A Noon.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Bill Mitchell.

VISITORS: H. Martin, J Fulton, H McNeill, Bill Brock, Gazette. Paul Devlin, Strathclyde Fire Service, Scott Pattison, Procurator Fiscal, Neil Ferguson, Parks Improvement Group.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman Sandy Clark, who voiced his disappointment in the poor turn out although the meeting had been advertised throughout the village. However to those present he extended a warm welcome.
The first of tonight's guest speakers was Paul Devlin from Strathclyde Fire Service. Mr Devlin spoke knowledgeably on the regulations that had come into place increasing the level of responsibility of owners and managers of businesses. It was no longer acceptable just to have a Fire Safety Certificate as all regular checks had to be recorded and any situation that did not comply with the safety code would have to be rectified. Members of the community council and visitors found the talk most enjoyable and informative.
The second speaker was Scott Pattison, the Procurator Fiscal from Paisley. The audience was informed in an interesting manner of some of the procedures carried out by the Office of the Procurator Fiscal. He explained the reasons that some defendants actually stand trial for offences that have been carried out at different tunes and locations in order for the Sheriff etc. to be in a position to understand more fully the nature of the said defendant. He also gave a reasonable explanation as to why some cases do not actually go to trial as it is not considered to be in the best interest of the public regarding the time and expenses that going to trial would take.
Both speakers invited questions from the audience and answered these to the satisfaction of those raising the questions.
The Chairman thanked both speakers and invited them to stay for the remainder of the meeting if they so wished.
Neil Ferguson of the Parks Improvement Group was then invited to give a brief update on the group. He explained that fro years there had been very little input to our parks and that the group had been formed in order to try to rectify this situation. Advice had been given by Renfrewshire Council as well as park groups from Kilbarchan and Howwood. The group is looking into ways of obtaining funding for this project and are also trying to find out exactly what will be required and the cost. It is understood that this is a long term project and that they will start off with Houston Road Park but he did state that the intent was for all of the village parks to benefit eventually.

The normal business of the meeting then took place.

These were proposed by T. Fulton and seconded by G. Lethorn.
There were no matters arising from the minute.

The Community Council was delighted that PC Callaghan had not yet been moved from Bridge of Weir.
There were 29 reported crimes in total for the last month.
Vandalism 10
Misc. Thefts 7
House Breaking 1 attempted ( an arrest was made)
Break-ins Commercial 2
Disorder 1
Minor Assault 3 (local man who made these attacks is now receiving help)
Misc. 2

TREASURER'S REPORT: See attached sheet.
The community Council agreed to pay 10 annual fee to Renfrewshire Volunteer Centre.

Jonathan Muirhead had been in contact and advised us that evening visit by the community council to the tannery was fine and it was decided to try and have our visit sometime during the week beginning 22nd April.
The Chairman suggested a visit to the fire station and Mr Devlin thought the community council would enjoy visiting Renfrewshire Safety Centre, it was agreed to try and do this sometime in October.
As there was no further business the Chairman closed the meeting and invited those attending to avail themselves of the hospitality provided by the Community Council

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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