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Mar 4th

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of the regular meeting of Bridge of weir Community Council held on Tuesday 4th March 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, PC Tom Callaghan, Councillor Langlands.

APOLOGIES: Gordon Lethorn, Irene McCallum.

Bill Brock (Gazette)

The meeting was opened by the chairperson who welcomed all in attendance. He pointed out that at the February meeting a great deal of time was taken up by items being brought to the attention of both Councillor Puthucheary and Councillor Holmes. He suggested that in future if community councillors make a greater effort to inform the Chairman or Secretary prior to the start of the meeting of any issue they may have and if the community council cannot resolve it themselves then the Councillors will be asked to attend to it.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P. Alien and seconded by D. McKenzie.

The chairman read through the items put to the Councillors at the last meeting and commented on those that had been dealt with and those that were still outstanding.



Motor Vehicles


Minor Assault

Broken into
Road Traffic Offences

There were 13 crimes reported The Charity Shop in the village was one of the commercial break-ins and the other one was the coal yard. One of the vandalism offences had been reported by telephone but by the time that the police arrived the graffiti had been washed off by the rain.

Seven members of the community council visited he Police Communications Centre in Govan and were most impressed with the facilities and the level of service that was available.

The question as to whether the correct information was being given to the public on the village web page. The information is correct but it was suggested that key contact numbers should also be on the web page.

Councillor lain Langlands:
Although there is a nominated Councillor for each meeting all three Councillors can be contacted
on anything that is causing concern. A list giving information on the Councillor attending will be sent out.

Councillor Langlands was asked if there was any way that the three Councillors could give a composite report and that the attending Councillor brief the next attending Councillor.

All three Councillors had received complaints regarding the buses that sit in Gorse Crescent running their engines. Councillor Puthucheary, representing all three Councillors, has discussed the situation with the Traffic Commissioner. The police will also have a word but it is a grey area although new standards due to be introduced may make a difference. A letter will be sent to the operator signed by local Councillors.

There is talk of a service being reintroduced to Warlock Road but it was pointed out that this service had been previously unsuccessful partly due to the parking problems near the school.

Ground Maintenance - This used to be run by two separate departments but is now run by one
Street Scene Management. This scheme was presented to the local Councillors and if it is
successful in Bridge of Weir then it will be implemented in other areas. A report on the scheme
will be made at the end of August. Community councillors were asked to note any improvement.

Concern was shown as to whether or not the village street cleaner is to be moved and replaced by a "Hit Squad" but Councillor Langlands said that he was not aware that this was to happen. A letter had also been received by the secretary confirming that the sweeper is not being moved.

The plans for the Core Paths Draft Consultation has now been published but as yet has not been
received by the community council.

The Local Grant Board has now been replaced by a Local Area Committee. There were insufficient funds to honour all requests and applications that were unsuccessful have been referred to the local Area Committee.

Local Councillors have been lobbied by a group opposed to a new development in Houston as they are concerned that the Gryffe Valley sewer will be unable to cope.

It is the intention of Renfrewshire Council to be a "Fair Trade Council" and they are having a Fair Trade fortnight to publicise it.

A community councillor asked the reason for the work on the footpaths leading to the primary school being stopped, Councillor Langlands said that he will make inquiries. The sign for Loch Place has not yet been put in place and a community councillor asked that the sign pointing to the bowling club could be removed as the bowling club no longer exists.

Treasurer's Report- see attached sheet.

It was agreed to pay the 10 for membership of RCVS.

Secretary's Report:

A reply to our letter to Jim McManus regarding the street sweeper had been received.

E-mails had come from Nick Walker the ASCC rep. Regarding registration under the Data protection act.

Letters had gone to the roads department regarding the chocked gulley's etc. We as usual have
had no reply.

A letter from the planning department confirmed that funding would still be available for the
upgrading of the front at Neva Place, however no mention of any amount.

Planning Report:
A response to the Planning Appeals document has to be in 7* May.

Neva Place. -Although previously discussed the due process has not yet gone through on the four houses to be built. The planning Convenor took the opportunity to remind those concerned of the obligation to fund improvement to the frontage of Neva Place and received confirmation that there are funds available in the Environmental Budget, however there was no mention of an amount.

A single dwelling replacing an existing one is to be built in Donaldfield Road - No objection

At February's meeting a suggestion was made to have a meeting called "Bridging the Gap". It was felt that there was a gap between groups not speaking to each other. The format is to bring groups within the village together, this could be either an open meeting or by inviting a speaker who would be of interest to the various groups. The community council would provide wine, nibbles etc.

The community council were informed that there is a Citizenship and Enterprise Teacher in all schools who would perhaps be helpful in telling fifth and sixth year pupils of the meeting. Suggestions as to speaker and format will be discussed at the meeting on 18th March as well as the Christmas Lights and possible fundraising on Gala Day.

There is a meeting of the Crime Prevention Panel in Johnstone Town Hall on 11th March. Local crime trends will be discussed as well as trying to re-launch the panel.

A complaint was made regarding a Grit Bin in Dalmahoy Crescent which has not been filled for the last five years, if it is not going to be serviced then it should be removed.

A manhole cover near the British Legion is being pushed above the surface as it is full of mud and grit. A request will be made to have this cleaned and several road gulleys.

There is a disgraceful amount of litter at the back of the fence behind the British Legion Club plus there is a hole in the fence, although not looking dangerous at present it could if it becomes any larger allow a child to crawl through.
Members of the community council were requested to note any maintenance problems and send them to the secretary.

On line sites are available for residents of the village to put in complaints to Renfrewshire Council.

A snagging list should be made at each stage of the Loch Road works.

A community councillor asked if an area near the the bridge at the old tannery had been fenced off, this was confirmed.

There are now 400-500 hits on the community council web site every month. Many of these are from abroad ranging from America - Latvia.

Date and time of next meeting:
Tuesday 1st April 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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