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Mar 3rd

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd March 2009 in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Tom Fulton, Gordon Lethorn, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Margaret Mills.

VISITORS: Councillor Puthucheary, Bill Brock,(Gazette).

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance and introduced to the meeting Sergeant George High of the Community Police.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P. Allen and seconded by D. McKenzie.

There were no matters arising.








Breach of the Peace



Theft of vehicle



Theft x OLP (inc attempts)



Drugs offenses









Theft of cycle












Wilful fire raising



Theft x housebreaking



Total Crimes/Offences 26 Total Detections 4

Sergeant High told the meeting that there had been 20 years of Community Policing but there was now going to be a new format.
12 new officers will be based at Linwood with 3 dedicated Officers for Bridge of Weir. There will be one car but the majority of the police presence will be either on foot or bicycle. The probability of an officer being on duty at all times will be 60% but it is hoped that the number of officers will increase.
A Community Police Officer will continue to attend Community Council meetings.
Sergeant High explained that the he considered that the way crime figures were presented to the Community Council are not really the best method of indicating the number of offences and detections. He also said that it was felt that the time taken to produce these figures could be put to better use. However he accepted that it was possible that the Community Council would still prefer to be given the figures in this manner and it was decided that members of the Community Council would discuss the issue at the next meeting before a decision was taken.
Body Cameras will now be used by Community Police Officers and it is expected that these will be of benefit when identifying offenders.
Post cards that will have details of telephone numbers, email and addresses will be delivered to households in the area soon.

Dunlop Street, Linwood Tel. No. 01505 404080



There have been grants given to - 1st Bridge of Weir Boys Brigade 641
Bridge of Weir Senior Citizens 1800

The plans for the improvement of Neva Place have now completely stalled and it is felt that something has to be done. Renfrewshire Council has accessed external funding for the villages, this has never been done before. It was pointed out that there was already 20,000 earmarked for Neva Place by Environmental Services. The Local Area Committee has taken this on board.
When a community councillor brought up the possibility of a fund mentioned by Annabelle Goldie it was explained that this was more for Town and City centres.
It was commented that Bridge of Weir seems to be considered a Village when money is being given to Towns and a Town when money is being given to Villages.

There is to be an Early Warning Indicator Report that will give details of work that had been required, work that has been done and work that still has to be carried out.

The Draft programme for Roads 2009/2010 for Bridge of Weir has been made. Warlock Road and Crosslee Road are to be tackled. There are other areas that require treatment but as these are not to be resurfaced they are not in the programme. The Footpaths at Watt Lane, Montrose Terrace and Ranfurly Road are still poor as is the lighting at the footbridge near the old tannery and overhanging branches of a fir tree.
Blocked gutters in Kilmacolm Road need cleaned and Scottish Water has been contacted.
A question was raised re: the running water in Torr Road when there has been heavy rain and mentioned was that it is being diverted from homes in the road.
T. Fulton will be meeting with an Officer from the Roads Department next week.
Councillor Putucheary will attempt to get in writing the name of the owner/s of Maxwell Place.
Another request for Dog Bin to be placed in Moss Road Park was made and Councillor Putucheary said that she will pass this on to the appropriate department.

Proposed Change in the Uplift of Litter.
Renfrewshire Council had researched the best way to recycle etc. And after using the present system for only two years they are now looking for another way.
At the previous meeting the Community Council was informed that the new system for uplift would be introduced later on this year and it was commented that there had apparently been no discussions with local communities before the decision was taken. However it still appears that no decision has been taken as to how glass will be collected.
The question of fining households who do not recycle was brought up.
A compost bin supplied by the Government at a cost of 15 will be delivered to households who request them. If bought privately these bins would cost in the region of 80.

TREASURER'S REPORT: See attached sheet.


The mail sent out after last month was:-
1. Letters to both Head of Planning and Head of Roads regarding the resurfacing of Loch Road/Elm Road asking if they could resurface the road and claim from Kier Homes. As yet we have no acknowledgement or reply.
2. A letter was sent to Graham Wyllie, Principal Engineer, Roads Dept, of the condition of the storm drains throughout the village. A meeting has now been arranged between an Officer and T Fulton on the 10th March to look at the drains.
3. Attention was drawn to a gap in the fence at the entrance to the Glen at Ammareto's which has a dangerous drop to the burn below. A letter has been sent to Environmental Services, an acknowledgement has been received and they are looking into it.
4. In accordance with our Liaison Officer I have now started keeping a progress record of all mail.


The Forum meeting was held on Monday 9th February.
There were presentations on Community Improvement Projects by:
Aileen Brown from Kilbarchan spoke on the "Build our Playground" project and how this had been financed.
Gordon Giles from Adult Learning Services gave a talk on Community Based Adult Learning.
The final speaker was Iain Cunningham, Senior Development Officer with Paisley Partnership. He explained how the Community Action Team worked and how they gave support to community groups, i.e. getting funding etc.

The meeting then discussed the Community Councils Administrative Allowance, and there had been disappointment that only 3 Community Councils had replied to the survey with the promise of a fourth. It was mentioned that there was a need for a better response and it was decided that this would be carried forward until the next meeting in April, anyone who had already responded could if they wished add to it.

Concern was shown at the lack of Community Police attending community council meetings, it was decided that the Forum would write directly to the Chief Constable and find out what the current policy is.


A new planning application has been made regarding the building of flats at Mill O Gryffe Road. The application is as the previous one with an increase in the number of parking places from 4 to 6. A letter of objection has already been sent to Planning.
A planning application to erect 50 wind turbines at Ladyland Moor and reduced to 24 has been refused by North Ayrshire Council.

The drains in the village should be cleaned annually but there is no evidence that this has been carried out.
Building work and the careless disposal of waste products from these works has added to the drainage problems.

The Meeting of Renfrewshire Community Planning Launch held at Park Mains School Theatre was intended to show the vision to 2017. Those attending reported that it had been badly organised, poorly attended and basically a waste of time.

There is the potential to obtain funds for Renfrewshire Council for a new Sicta Spruce Tree at Livery Walk providing an application is made before May 2009.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 7th April at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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