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Mar 2nd

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 2nd March at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: S Clark, J Ellis, T Fulton, E OHare, G Lethorn, N Gardner, P Allan, D McKenzie, H Martin, S Liddell (arrived late).

Apologies: M Mills.

VISITORS: Cllr. Holmes, PC Neil Reilly, D Newlands, Bridge of Weir Primary School Parent Council, Bill Brock, Gazette, John smart, Development Manager, planning and Transport, Renfrewshire Council

The meeting was opened by the chairman who welcomed all in attendance.
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by J. Ellis.

The police report was given next.




Additional Notes




0.6g & 5.9g Cannabis

Assault - common




Breach of the Peace







Ongoing dispute with neighbour

House Breaking with intent to steal



1- secure shed
1- secure house




1 diesel

House Breaking with theft



Secure unoccupied house




Secure vehicle

Theft of cycle



Faulty lock on secure garage

Visitors to the meeting representing a group of parents with children at Bridge of Weir Primary, St Fillan's and Gryffe High School addressed the Community Council giving information on a meeting held in Gryffe High School the previous evening. The change from 2.5 miles to 3 miles as the required distance before transport being provided by the council has meant that many children from Bridge of Weir now have a 50-60 minute walk to and from school along a route that has dangerous crossings and inadequate pavements. The "safe route" walked by council employees arrived at Gryffe High at 9.20am and therefore was actually walked out-with the time that children will be walking. It was pointed out that the main issue was one of the council's responsibilities to ensure the safety of children travelling to school and that the decision to remove the free school buses was placing economics before safety. A 60mph speed limit is still in place between Bridge of Weir and Houston although, as the chairman explained, the community council were in talks with the police to have this reduced to 40mph. A letter in support of the group will be sent to Renfrewshire Council plus a further letter to the police requesting yet again a 40mph limit and stressing the fact that if the buses are taken off there will be many more cars on the road at the peak time of 8:00am -9:00am.
Councillor Homes has requested a timeline for the safe walk that was done as Renfrewshire Council are apparently disputing the times given by a witness to this walk.
A special meeting has been arranged by Renfrewshire Council to discuss this issue as there are Renfrewshire Councillors who do not agree with these particular budget cuts.
The chairman thanked the visitors and assured them of the Community Council's support.

John Smart, from Renfrewshire Council was then introduced. He proceeded to give an interesting talk on the changes to planning regulations and how they will affect Community Councils.

Councillor Holmes :

The path in The Glen had been reported as being repaired but obviously has not. The Environmental Services will be contacted regarding when the necessary work will be carried out.
Problems with the General Housing Allocation Policy are being looked into. Some of the problems have arisen out of council houses intended for elderly residents being purchased and then rented out to unsuitable tenants.
A community councillor explained that the new allocation policy no longer has a point system and also that council houses can be let to tenants who live well outside the Bridge of Weir area.
No new build housing can be bought by tenants and there is now a rule that there has to be a 10 year tenancy before earning the right to buy.
There is still no bus service from the Ranfurly area between 7:25am and 8:50am. The bus at 8:50am does not reach Gryffe High until 9:10am. Any child using the bus would be late for school.
There are discussions going on between Renfrewshire Council and SPT.
Community Councillors want assurance that the Christmas lights are stored safely.
During the adverse weather it has been very clear that not all areas have received the same level of clearing service. Loch Road and St. Machar's Road were among those areas that were neglected.
There will be a meeting that all three Councillors will attend regarding the progress of the village centre development.
The road maintenance program for the year will be published soon.

Treasurer's Report - see attached sheet


Change of use from Residence to Commercial at Ingleby Place. It was pointed out that the building concerned had originally been Commercial so no action will be taken.
Mill 'O' Gryffe - a new application has been made for a one and a half story single building and since this is to replace a now demolished bungalow there are no objections.
The meeting was asked to put 30th May into their diaries for the "Go Renfrewshire" celebrations. There is hoped to be a Treasure Trail plus possibly a barbeque organised by Freeland Church.

Matters arising from minutes of previous meeting.
The bus stop at Bull's garage was repositioned as it was considered to be too close to the traffic lights at Houston Road.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 6th April at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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