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Mar 1st

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Minutes of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 1st March 2011 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: S. Clark, S. Liddell, J. Ellis, E. O'Hare, G. Lethorn, N. Gardner, P. Allan, M. Mills, D. McKenzie.

Apologies: H. Martin.

Visitors: Councillor Langlands, Allan Forsyth, Fairtrade, Police Officer, Linwood Police Office.

The meeting was opened by the Acting Chairperson Margaret Mills who welcomed all in attendance.

A visitor, Allan Forsyth who wished to discuss Bridge of Weir becoming a Fair Trade village was introduced.

Matters arising from the previous minutes.
The last date for objections for the change in use of the Post Office should have read 18th February not 18th March.
Community Councillor N. Gardner had attended the meeting - an apology had been given for non-attendance.
The minutes were proposed by P. Allan and seconded by M. Mills

Police Report:
1st February - 1st March 2011




Assault - common



Criminal Justice & licensing Act Sect 38









Theft x shoplifting









The number of crimes that were reported for Bridge of Weir was lower than had been previously, however the Community Police officer pointed out that in Langbank and Erskine there had been an increase in burglaries and that Bridge of Weir should be vigilant as the perpetrators could be heading in this direction.

Alan Forsyth addressed the meeting and gave information on the criteria that must be fulfilled before Bridge of Weir & Houston could be named as Fair Trade villages.
The Community Council would have to pass a resolution stating that the village was to be a Fair Trade village and it was decided that a resolution would be drafted and put before the new Community Council at the next meeting in April.
At any social event the Community Council would be expected to use Fair Trade products, tea, coffee etc.
The meeting was informed that the Festival Committee would be using Fair Trade tea and coffee on Gala Day.

Councillors Report: Councillor Langlands.

An objection to the change of use of the Post Office to a hot food takeaway (Chip Shop) was submitted by Councillor Holmes and he had asked Councillor Langlands to convey this to the meeting. Renfrewshire Council have yet to make a decision on this matter. The Secretary said she had also received a copy of a letter from Cllr. Holmes to the Planning Department.

Councillor Langlands informed the Community Council that the Post Office did not require permission from Renfrewshire Council to withdraw services as it was an independent body.
It was suggested that information regarding the possible re-siting of the post office within other establishments could be investigated.
The Leadership Board has changed the rules regarding grants. The grants have been reduced as a consequence of the budget cuts. Under the new rules lunches, dinners etc. will no longer be paid. The Community Council were advised to contact David Low who can give advice on grant applications.

Treasurer's Report:

The audited accounts for 2009/10 have now been submitted to Council and we should soon receive our grant.
The balance sheet for February were also presented, these were proposed by S Clark and seconded by D McKenzie.

Secretary's Report:

If we manage to establish a community council, the inaugural meeting will be the first meeting in April and someone from Corporate Services will be in attendance.

The Forum met on Monday 21st February. The guest speaker was Russell McCutcheon, Amenity Services Manager. He told the meeting what he was responsible for within his department. D. McKenzie gave a report on the meeting.


There has been a planning application for the erection of a Waste Treatment Plant at Locher Works.


The application for the building of a care home at Ardenvohr, Fetlar Road was before Council today. Cllr Langlands did not know the outcome. (On web later in the evening the application had been granted with conditions)

Contrary to rumours circulating, no decision has yet been taken on the requested lowering of the speed limit on Houston Road.

Outgoing Chairman Sandy Clark wished to thank members of the Community Council for their support throughout his terms as chairman.
He also pointed out that although Renfrewshire Council had agreed to publicise the AGM he felt that the bulk of the workload had been left to the Community Council secretary, Sandra Liddell.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next scheduled meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5th April at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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