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Mar 15th

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Minutes of the meeting of the Community Council held on Thursday 15 March 2012 held on Thursday 15 March at 7.00pm in the Royal British Legion Club.

PRESENT: S Clark, J Ellis, S Liddell, T Fulton, G Lethorn, H Martin, D McKenzie, E O'Hare, G Svensson,

APOLOGIES: M Mills, H Tidswell.

VISITORS: Cllr. Puthucheary, Cllr. Langlands. PC N Weir, PC G Thomson.

The Chairman opened the meeting by explaining to those present that this meeting had been arranged to allow Dawn Developments to explain to Bridge of Weir their proposed development, however they decided not to attend. The meeting would be a short one finishing at 7.45. It would then be handed over to the Save Moss Road Park action group to allow them to form a proper committee.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.

The minutes were proposed by D McKenzie and seconded by T Fulton.

At this point both Councillor Langlands and Councillor Puthucheary said that they would not be standing for Council in the May elections. The Chairman thanked them for their input to the Community Council over the years.

The question of the proposed Park & Ride in Houston Road Park was raised. It was agreed that there had been insufficient discussion with the village and that information regarding the possible dates for this being put into operation should be obtained. Apparently letters have been sent out to parents and the school. Once the information required is obtained the Community Council reserve the right to comment on the proposal and letter Renfrewshire Council Education Department.

Police Report




Assault Serious



Assault Common






Theft from Motor Vehicle



Civic Govt. Sec 791)



Communications Act



Dangerous Dogs






Minor RTA






The common assault involved two teenage boys pushing an eight year old girl into a puddle and not allowing her to get out.

A letter has been sent to the police regarding “Hoodies” smashing bottles (mainly from the bottle bank) the outcome of the letter is that police officers in plain clothes and also uniformed officers on bicycles are patrolling the village and taking the names of those who seem to be involved in these incidents.
It is important to telephone the police whenever an incident is seen however the comment was made that the police do not always respond to these calls. An occasion when small motor cycles were in Houston Road Park was reported was one such instance. .It was explained that all calls to the police are prioritised.

Proposed Development:

The Community Council have been informed by Dawn Developers and Sainsbury’s that they are willing to come to a meeting with the Community Council. It is necessary for this to happen before the Community Council would make comment.
The Community Council will call an open meeting on the subject.

Freeland Church Open Air Service:

It has been decided that after the Church Open Air Service a play day will be held in Moss Road Park between 1pm an 3pm on Sunday 20 May. G Svensson agreed to arrange.
The Community Council’s budget for the day will be £200-£250 and it is hoped that we may have the Petting Zoo which had previously been a success at Gala day.

Xmas Lights:

Proposed switch on date will be Wednesday 28 November, with the same catering arrangements as last year.
After discussion it was agreed to withdraw the objection to the Late Hours Catering Licence for Chillies after hearing that there were no objections from the immediate neighbours.

Treasurer’s Report: See attached

The Treasurer gave his verbal report.

Councillor Puthucheary

The Councillor gave the Community Council a copy of the report that will be going to the Planning Department regarding development in the village.


Diggers etc. have been seen working on the railway sidings. the meeting was informed that drainage work was being carried out.

The number of stray dogs in the village is giving concern particularly in the Moss Road / Gorse Crescent area, the Community Council will write requesting an increase in the patrols of the wardens.

Date and time of next meeting:

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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