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June 2nd

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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 2nd June at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Nicholl Gardner, Irene McCallum, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gordon Lethorn, Harold Tidswell, Donald McKenzie, Cllr, Puthucheary.

VISITORS: Ian Robertson, Joe Lonsdale, Wm Darroch, Representing Gorse Cres.

The meeting was opened by the chairman who welcomed all in attendance.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting was proposed by N. Gardiner and seconded by M. Mills.
Matters arising - Play Park Improvement Group has 27,000 for Ranfurly Park. (The Glen)

With no Police in attendance once again there was no report.

Councillor Puthucheary sent an e.mail to the Chairman with her report and apologies on her absence, she was feeling unwell.
Regarding the town centre regeneration she has not had a meeting with Fraser Carlin.
A letter had come from head of roads - Torr Road is closed to traffic due to a dangerous wall, and will remain closed for the next six months. The road may be open to pedestrians.
The cones placed at the bottom of Preiston Road to prevent parking are being moved illegally so that cars can park. The illegal parking is preventing the traffic from coming down Preiston Road.


Letters have been sent out regarding the trees at Woodside Avenue, and on the regeneration of the village centre.
Notification has come from from Dr Nick Walker, ASCC Rep. That the next West of Scotland meeting will take place in Paisley Abbey on Saturday, August 22nd at 10am. Lunch will be provided by Renfrewshire Council. The Chairman suggested that it was a very worthwhile meeting and urged members to attend. Final confirmation of speakers has still to come.

Last week S. Clark, D. McKenzie, T. Fulton met with Fraser Carlin about proposals for the regeneration plan for the centre of the village.

T Rush, a member of the public, is to meet with Renfrewshire Council Officers. There is 6,000,000 fund available for town centre regeneration across Scotland.
Renfrewshire Council has submitted their bid and if successful work will commence within this financial year.
1st phase - Livery walk and car park to be upgraded using modern materials and lighting
2nd phase - Neva Place
The bids have to be with the Scottish Government by the 5th June, and a decision should be taken by the 30th July.
A second amount of money should be available by mid October.
It was reported that Maxwell Place has never been adopted by Renfrewshire Council.
The Community Council agreed to send a letter of support.
Kate. Cuthbert has asked the Community Council to organise an access festival at some time between 22nd May and 6th June 2010. i.e. a village walk cycle run etc. The Community Council agreed to organise something.
A meeting has been organised by the Local Action Group (LAG) for Tuesday 23rd June at 9.30 -11.30am to discuss local transport issues. The meeting will take place in the Wynd Centre, Paisley.
Xmas lights - there has been some difficulty in getting a venue for the refreshments after the lights switch-on. Freeland Church brownies had agreed to allow the use of the large hall. However J. Ellis said that he had been contacted by D. Mackay from the British Legion who had been distressed to find out that the Community Council had been told that they could not use this facility due to the indoor bowling. He was also informed that the calendar had not yet been organised and an assurance was given that the British Legion Club would be available for that night.
T Fulton to get back in touch with M. Coates to tell her that we would no longer require Freeland Church Hall.
Christmas Tree. No result yet from the application for grant money.

Visitors from Gorse Crescent :
The residents from Gorse Crescent were bringing to the attention of the Community Council that they are being disturbed by youths on small motor bikes.
They had contacted Johnstone Police office, however were informed that they would have to notify the Community Police, they were given a telephone number of contact but there was no reply. They then visited the Johnstone Police office where they were then told that the office would directly inform Community Police. Since then no Police have attended and the situation is getting worse.
S. Clark stated that the Community Police office was in Linwood, and that there were two officers in place in Bridge of Weir and a third officer to be appointed soon. He said that he would also make Sergeant High aware of the situation.
The other point of concern was that the trees on the left hand side of the steps leading from St Mary's Church car park have now grown so tall that they were interrupting some of the T.V. receptions and in some cases preventing them from getting a signal at all. It was agreed that a letter be sent to Renfrewshire Council, however it was pointed out that land ownership could be a problem.

Renfrewshire Community Councils' Forum:
Model Scheme For The Establishment of Community Councils in Scotland.

Bridge of Weir Community Councils Response.
It was suggested that having 30 members in this day and age were too many for our Community Council. We also suggest that the quorum at a meeting should be one third of the membership rather than half.
It was mentioned that Renfrewshire Council may propose postponing the elections due in September.


At the recent meeting of the Local Area Committee the Festival Committee were granted 2500 and the Parks Improvement Group 5000.


The minutes will now come by electronic mail and members will be required to print them for themselves.

Play Park Improvement Group. There has been a delay in the play equipment being in place on time for Gala Day. To mark the opening of phase two a fun day during the summer is to be organised.
Resurfacing of Loch Road. The Chairman said that Kier Homes may have gone into administration, this has not been confirmed, this would cause a delay in the resurfacing of Loch Road / Elm Road.
It was decided to ask Scott Allen from the Roads Department to our next meeting in September.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 1st September at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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