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June 26th

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 26th June 2007 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Tim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gordon Lethorn, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Nicholl Gardner, PC Tom Callaghan, Cllr Puthucheary.

APOLOGIES: Harold Tidswell, Tom Fulton.
VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette).
The minutes were proposed by Andrew Crawford and seconded by Nicholl Gardner.
Matters arising from the previous minute.
No matters arising.


Cllr Puthucheary announced the amounts given by the Local Grants Board.:-
Bridge of Weir Senior Citizens 1200
Festival Committee 1200
Elderly Forum 700
Community Council 200.

Members mentioned that pot-holes had not been repaired, the Councillor assured the Community Council that the pot holes in Ranfurly Road, Kilgraston Road and Prieston Road would be repaired.

Councillor Puthucheary mentioned that a resident of the village had inquired as to the status of CCTV, however the Chairman explained that this was not the responsibility of the Community Council. When the CCTV Group had been disbanding persons who had donated funds to the campaign were given the opportunity to have these contributions returned to them - some had taken up the offer, others did not, these funds are still held in a bank account.
Councillor Puthucheary is on Renfrewshire Crime Prevention Unit committee will request an update on their policy on CCTV. She will also raise the subject of Neighbourhood Watch.

It was decided to invite Iain Hamilton, Head of Roads at Renfrewshire Council to our next meeting in September and a request was made to members of the community council to look for areas in need of attention to pass these on to the Secretary before that meeting.

Overhanging branches, Renfrewshire Council only cut branches etc. on council owned property, however they will on rare occasions do the work elsewhere and send a bill for payment.

The rubbish at the end of St Machar's Road was again brought to the attention of Cllr Puthucheary who was surprised that it had not been attended to, she will look into the matter.

The Secretary had requested the schedule for street cleaning and had still not received this, the Councillor said that she had been given the schedule and would send a copy to the Secretary.


There were 12 crimes reported since the meeting on 5th June.

Vehicle broken into.
Miscellaneous Theft.
Road Traffic Offences
Other Crimes.



As the end of the community council financial year is the 31st August the Treasurer had asked for approval of the auditors. These were approved as Alex Drummond, Royal British Legion Club and Ted Duncan, Royal British Legion Club.


As to the close proximity to the previous meeting on 5th June there was little to report.


Donald McKenzie was congratulated on a job well done. The address is Not to be confused with another site of similar name. Alex Hewetson has asked us for a link to the Renfrewshire Council web page. Donald was looking for items of news that could be added to the site, which was already getting a lot of 'hits'. A suggestion was made that a villager with knowledge and history of the village could be approached, this was well received.


Congratulations were given to members of the Festival Committee for the excellent Festival Week and Gala Day. It was obvious that a lot of effort had gone into this to make it a success. The community council were very pleased at the turn-out to it's stall where the Petting Zoo was a great attraction to all.

The Community Council is obliged to make public the dates of meetings. Notices will be placed in, the Library, the Pirie, Post Office, and the Cargill Hall, these notices will go out late July / early August.

It was mentioned that the Steadfast Band were willing to play at the Christmas Lights Switch -On. A donation of 50 was agreed.

Members were asked to think of speakers for the AGM and future meetings.
The Chairman closed the meeting by wishing everyone a good summer.

Date and time of next meeting.

Tuesday 4th September at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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