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Jun 5th

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Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 5th June at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT:Andrew Crawford, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Nicholl Gardner, PC Tom Callaghan.

APOLOGIES: Elizabeth O'Hare, Sandy Clark, Gordon Lethorn, Patricia Allan.

VISITORS: Cllr Puthucheary, Cllr Langlands, Cllr Hohnes, Supt D McCallum, Bill Brock (Gazette), J Fulton, D Jack.

In the absence of the Chairman Tom Fulton Chaired the meeting.


The minutes were proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by M. Mills.


There were no matters arising from the minutes.
The Chairman introduced the three new Councillors and Supt McCallum.


P C Callaghan gave the crimes figures from 1st May until 5th June. 25 crimes were reported.

Break-ins Commercial
Motor Vehicles broken into

Miscellaneous Theft
Drink Bye Laws
Disorder Breach of the Peace
Serious Assault
Minor Assault
Other Crimes

2 Attemted at the Primary School
6 Including a vehicle on the Main Road, follow up with possible charges
7 - 3 were for shoplifting a person has been charged
3 detected

1 detected
1 misuse of computer

Supt McCallum addressed the meeting. He said that multi tasking with other agencies he had been able to concentrate on three major problems, Youth disorder and Under Age Drinking, Anti-Social Behaviour and Vandalism. He also said that priorities in the division form a wide spectrum including theft, child protection, counter terrorism,, serious and organised crime and fire arms.

Complaints were made that there was no Police presence in some area's, he said that there would be more personnel, however there would be less on the front line, but more deployed in the other areas. The FT system was being upgraded and should be more efficient.

ASSIST the Anti-Social investigations team, Police and Council would have joint visits, and additional
funding had come from Renfrewshire Council to carry out extra patrols. Bridge of Weir would get its fair share of this multi agency task force.

Vandalism, everybody had in someway been affected by this, mention was made about the graffiti at the
Primary School and the youths hanging around in the area. The police have spoken to the parents of some of the suspects.

The Neighbourhood Watch was again being encouraged and new packs with information would soon be available.

It was also mentioned that pensioners groups can apply for Police Grants.
The Chairman thanked Supt McCallum for attending and giving us the opportunity to question him on various matters of concern to Bridge of Weir.


The three new Councillors gave a brief talk on their background. Councillor Langlands then spoke on their behalf. Although of different political parties their intention is to co-operate and attend all the community council meetings on a rotational basis. The community council agreed with this arrangement.
Cllr Puthucheary had heard from a constituent about the condition of the roads in Bridge of Weir. After a discussion it was decided to invite lain Hamilton, Head of Roads at Renfrewshire Council to our September meeting.
A concern from a member of the public was the lack of a footpath from the top of Kilbarchan Road, Bridge of Weir to Kilbarchan. Cllr Langlands mentioned that at Bishopton they had had the same problem, however were given access through land at the side of the road. Cllr Puthucheary said that she would make contact with Renfrewshire Council to see if this would be possible in this location. It was also mentioned of problems of drivng over the bridge at Locher, it was suggested that maybe a priority system could be introduced.

The community council were shown the new banner to be used on our stall at Gala Day.
Input had been given to Kate Cuthbert, Access Officer, Renfrewshire Council on the core paths in Bridge ofWeir.

TREASURER'S REPORT: See enclosed sheet.

A letter of reply had been received regarding the roof repairs at Livery Walk.
Strathclyde Police, Traffic Department has now replied to our letter on the speeding on the Kilmacolm Road. It detailed the guidelines that were required for a speed camera at this site, and it does not meet the criteria, however they had done a survey and concluded that there was speeding in this area. The Road Patrol Officers have been tasked to carry out a series of high visibility speed checks.
Two members of the community council along with an Officer from Environmental Department and the Pest Control Officer met with some of the residents at Livery Walk after their complaint about the mess the bin men leave the area after collection.
After the new owner of the Green Belt land on Kilmacolm Road had started to eradicate the access path to the cycle track the Secretary, Vice-Chairman, and Councillor Puthucheary met with him. Renfrewshire Council have now made him aware of the access to the cycle path and to the use of the Green Belt land.

These were confirmed as Sandra Liddell and Jim Ellis.

The Parks Improvement Group: They were now meeting with local companies who would perhaps help with sponsorship funding. Due to administration and the urgent need for cash the community council decided to donate 150 from the project fund towards this. Proposer Jim Ellis, Seconder Andrew Crawford.
The Secretary was asked to write a letter on behalf of the community council to Councillor Noon for his attendance at our meetings over the years.

It has been suggested that the 30mph speed limit on Houston Road should be extended to beyond the park, and a 40mph limit introduced on the road to Gryffe High School as this road is walked by the pupils.
An e.mail has been received from the Leather Works on a proposed small development at the old gas works site on Mill Brae. They have been speaking with Planning at Renfrewshire Council on an access route, the community council will send a letter of reply.

With no other business the Chairman closed the meeting

Date and time of next meeting.
The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 26 June at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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