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Jun 3rd

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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of The regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Sandra Liddell, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Elizabeth O'Hare, Donald McKenzie, Pat Allan, Nicholl Gardner, Irene McCallum, Cllr. Iain Langlands.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Gordon Lethorn, Margaret Mills.

VISITORS: Helen Martin, Bill Brock Gazette.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who welcomed all in attendance.
Instead of minutes there was a report on the "Bridging the Gap" meeting which was noted.

There was a nomination for Helen Martin to become a Community Councillor.
Nominated by T. Fulton and seconded by J. Ellis.
The chairman explained that training was available through Renfrewshire Council if required.

For the third meeting in a row there was no Police Report and the decision was taken to write to Inspector Laing requesting information on the crime statistics for the village etc.


There has been concern due to loitering by youths near Loch Place.

The problem of emergency vehicles not finding Loch Place due to the lack of street signs is being looked into. Unfortunately Renfrewshire Council consider that this is the developer's responsibility and the developers think that it is the Council's. It was decided to write to both the Council and Kier Homes.
Not all of the roads in the Ranfurly area will be covered in this round of repairs as the money has already been set aside.
There will be 6,000 potholes repaired over the county.
It has been proposed that a 20mph sign be erected in Warlock Road.
Livery Walk - In response to the Tenants and Residents Associations contracts have already been issued and tendered for work to be carried out on the Infrastructure and Houses and it is hoped that agreements will include the shops. (The timescale is by the end of this year.)
The Councillor had been impressed by the Christmas tree at Langbank last year and had wondered why Bridge of Weir had not been given the same standard.
It was explained that partly due to the poor specimens that we have received in the past and partly due to vandalism the Community Council had purchased the small lights for the existing trees at Livery Walk, however the Community Council would be happy if there was a bigger input from the Council and agreed to contact being
made with Shona. McDougall, Director of Environmental Services to discuss the matter.

The suggestion of a visit to Renfrewshire House was made and as there will be no meeting at the end of June it was decided to arrange a visit before then. It was further suggested and agreed to that we have a joint visit with both Langbank and Bishopton Community Council's. The visit itself would include a 30 minute tour of the building. Community Councillors will be notified of the date once it has been arranged.

It has been noted that Double Decker service buses are going down Gorse Crescent at certain hours during the day and that there are no longer buses servicing Dalmahoy Crescent in the evening.
In general it was felt that bus services were not totally reliable, in particular the one from Johnstone Station.

The Community Council agreed to a letter being sent to the Police regarding the traffic management and parking controls in Moss Road and Lintwhite Crescent. It was to be pointed out that an evening visit would be preferable as there is a considerable difference in the number of vehicles that park in the evening compared to those that park during the day.
A letter will also be sent regarding the grit bins in Loch Place and Dalmahoy Crescent not being filled.

See forum Report.

- See attached sheet.


The application regarding the demolition of a bungalow in Mill o Gryffe Road and erection of flats. Objections have been made and there will be a site visit on Monday 9th June at 9.45am before a final decision is taken.


A reservation of a pitch has been made, two sets of quoits and jars of sweets have been purchased. A gazebo is being loaned to the Community Council for the day.

Review of items covered at Special Meeting:

The names of the representatives for the Local Area Committee are;
Representative J. Ellis Substitute S. Liddell

These representatives have to be chosen at each A.G.M.

It would appear that Bridge of Weir will now qualify as a Rural Community with the possibility of receiving Scottish Rural Funding.

Bridge of Weir is part of the Local Action Plan Group; however we have not received an invitation to the first meeting. Although other Community Councils had joined the group they do not seem to be keen to be involved in making decisions.
Both S. Clark and T. Fulton are willing to take part in this group.

Possible Future Projects--- Wish List

Loch Place
Apart from the safety aspect of the footpath it is also an eyesore that requires landscaping, road surfacing and the inadequate lighting brought up to standard.
Obviously this is quite a major project and it was pointed out that perhaps the Leather Works would have some responsibility as it is not a core responsibility.
Perhaps once the project is properly identified it could be done in partnership.

Access point for Glen Walk

This would not be a particularly large project but as it is the middle of the village it should be tidied up.
Windsor Wall at embankment and above.
This would be a substantial project.

Old Hope Hall site.
As this is right in the middle of the village it most definitely needs work done on it.
During the summer months the natural vegetation hides some of the mess but in the winter it is there for all to see.

Fence giving access to the river past the Flower Pot at the bridge.
The opening is dangerous.

Back Road
Gas works - very poor reinstatement. The Community Council will write to Renfrewshire Council.

Moss Road
The footpath near the old Bowling Club needs clearing to help make walking there more comfortable.

St. Machar's Road
Rubbish behind the fence at the end of the road on Sustrain's land needs to be removed. Natural vegetation hides some of this in the spring and summer but in the winter it is only too evident.

The Glen
Perhaps there will be an opportunity of something through the Park's Group e.g. Basketball nets.

Hazelwood Park
Better use of the old Manswrae site if it was tidied up.

The Community Council should consider these possible projects and prioritise.
It was also thought that Community Services could get involved in some of the smaller projects.

A "Wish List" could be put on the Web Site.

The Community Council are very pleased to have a new member but it is not possible to co-opt any more until after an election.

The first part of the Park's Project in the Houston Road Park will be opened on Gala Day by the Deputy Provost.
The group will be applying for capital funding next year and it was agreed that should a letter of support be required from the Community Council that would be agreed to.

Data Protection.
It was noted that although people who required help had to give details to Community Councils these details should not be retained longer than necessary and at no point would actual names be put on paper.
The Executive of the Forum were elected.
Martin Brier, Licensing Standard Officer spoke on the changes to the changes to the licensing laws. Leaflets were left for the members to have a look at.
Due to the over running of the meeting items on the agenda were held over for another meeting at a date to be set.


There will be no meeting at the end of June.
Notices will be put up giving dates of the Community Council meetings that will be held during the next session starting on 2nd September 2008.

The meeting in December will be held on the 9th in order not to clash with the switching on of the Christmas Lights and there will be no meeting in January.

Date and time of next meeting:
The next meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday 2nd September at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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