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Girl at Bridge of Weir



Some boast, o' ladies bright an' fair, that's o' a high degree,
But I will boast of one fine girl that of times I do see.
I'm sure her equal can't be found in all this world so wide ;
An' she dwells in the Bridge o' Weir, close by the river side.

When first I saw this pretty girl nigh to yon purlin' stream,
I really thought I was asleep, and in a pleasant dream.
Few thought in such a lowly cot such a beauty never could abide.
She's the finest flower that ever bloomed along that river side.

If yon fine girl was a fish to swim, in the stream below,
I would quickly get my rod an' line an' a fishin' 1 would go.
I would set my line an' behind some branch there I would watch awhile,
To try an' catch so fine a match along that river side.

If yon fine girl was a rose to bud, an' to bloom so gay,
An' if I was a little bee it's there I would often stay.
An' to shield me fromi the patterin' rain, beneath her leaves I'd hide.
An' there I would' stay from day to day, along that river side.

If yon fine girl was a tree to grow on the river breast,
An' if I was a little bird it's there I would build my nest.
An' when far away her tall tree tops would ever be my guide:
An' there I would fly, I would live an' die, along that river side.

by C. Begley

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