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Bridge of Weir Community Council recognizes the strenuous work undertaken by the Festival Committee throughout the year leading up to Gala Day and Festival Week. On behalf of the community of Bridge of Weir and the many visitors who grace the occasion we express our sincere thanks.

The Community Council currently has 12 members and we have vacancies and we would particularly welcome members from the younger generation. This is a similar position throughout Scotland.

We were instrumental in drawing to the attention of the village Renfrewshire Council's decision to make Moss Road Park surplus to requirement making the way clear for a Sainsbury's store in the area. A series of meetings have taken place resulting in a support group being formed, Weir-Saving the village. We look forward to working alongside them in the campaign to protect the village centre businesses and keeping Moss Road Park in its current use.

Another matter raised by the Community Council is the speed restriction on Houston Road. Hopefully, if not already in place a 40 mph is to be introduced, this is after many years of pressure from the Community Council.

In the Local Plan as well as objecting to the proposals for the Coal Yard, Moss Road Park, we have also objected to the lease of land at Donaldfield Road and Golf Course Road for housing development.

Requests were made for Wardens to increase their patrols due to stray dogs and dog fouling.
The Police have agreed to be more vigilant in their patrols to try and prevent vandalism.

We welcomed the new community Post Office and urge everyone to make good use of it.

Our joint venture with Freeland Church this year was the outdoor Church Service and Play Day in Moss Road Park, and another date for your diary is 28th November when the Christmas Lights will be switched on, continuing our ever successful format.

We are a voice for Bridge of Weir and will continue striving for a safer and better community.

Keep in touch through our web site Have a great Festival Week.

Sandy Clark, Chairman.

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