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Feb 7th

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Minutes of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 7 February at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: S Clark, T Fulton, J Ellis, S Liddell, D McKenzie, P Allan, M Mills, G Lethorn, E O’Hare, H Martin, Cllr. Michael Holmes, Cllr. C Puthucheary.

APOLOGIES: G Svensson, H Tidswell.

VISITORS: Fraser Carlin, Head of Planning, Renfrewshire Council, Stuart McMillan, Policy Regeneration Manager, Planning Department, Renfrewshire Council, about 75 members of the public.

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed all in attendance. He pointed out that this was the normal Community Council monthly meeting and although he acknowledged that the vast majority of people were there to discuss the possible development of Moss Road Park and surrounding area he would continue with the original agenda.
He then introduced Fraser Carlin, Head of Planning, Renfrewshire Council, who was to speak on the Local Plan Main Issues. Among these were Housing, Land released for housing
e.g. Car Park at Ranfurly Golf Club, area at Bull’s Garage, Station Road and the proposed improvement of Neva Place as well as Moss Road Park.
Stuart McMillan, Policy Regeneration Manager, Planning Department, Renfrewshire Council, then took over and explained that the precursor to the Local Plan considered areas, possible sites, housing, economy, options
etc. In Bridge of Weir there were 15 sites that have been appraised. He had brought maps with him which showed the sites that were being considered for housing and commercial development and would welcome constructive comments.
Fraser Carlin went on to explain that a great deal of discussion with Community Councils and members of the public had taken place and that sites of interest could be suggested by land owners or firms.
At this point the Chairman expressed his disappointment that information on the possible development in the village had been in a local newspaper before the Community Council had been informed.
The two Renfrewshire Councillors who were present, Cllr. Putucheary and Cllr. Holmes, were asked to explain why they had not informed the Community Council of the proposed development. Speaking on behalf of all three Renfrewshire Councillors for Bridge of Weir, Cllr. Holmes explained that they had been instructed that the information that was being presented at the meeting which they attended was confidential and not to be made public at that time. They had respected the instructions from Renfrewshire Council as there was the possibility that the proposed development may not happen. When further questioned he explained that the Councillor from the neighbouring Ward, Cllr. Noon, had given the information to the local paper had not been at that particular meeting.
Fraser Carlin spent some time explaining the various steps that are taken before final decisions are made regarding proposed developments and at this point of time no plans had been submitted.
Members of the audience were very vocal in their expressions of disapproval of the proposal.
Among the points made was the fact that Moss Road Park was used well used
A local football club played and trained there regularly and are at present in negotiations with Renfrewshire Council regarding the placement of a container to be used as a changing room.
Local children play on the equipment that had been purchased with money raised by the Parks Improvement Group. Apparently the play area would be re-zoned – where?
Drainage problems already exist in the park causing flooding of several homes and gardens in the surrounding area and it was felt that building in the park could only worsen these problems
Many householders purchased their homes as they were in an area that would not be used for further building.
Concern over what would happen to the Solum of the old railway line as there had been an agreement made that it would not be altered, in order that if the decision was made to re-open the railway then this could be achieved.The possibility of that would appear to be remote however several comments were made that suggested that any difficulties involved were not insurmountable.
The impact of another supermarket on village shops could only be detrimental and to say that it would provide jobs is at best debatable.
Bridge of Weir is a village – why try to turn it into a town?
The question as to the benefits that such a development would bring to the village arose and the consensus of those present was that on the contrary the effect on the village would be extremely disadvantageous.
The infrastructure of the village would find it difficult to support an increase in population
i.e. Doctor’s surgery, Dentist, School.
The question of exactly who, how and when it was decided that Moss Road Park was “Surplus to requirements” was put to Fraser Carlin and the meeting was informed that this was a legal term. However why Dawn Development had been under the impression that they could purchase a park that was well used is still to be explained.
A member of the public asked if the proposed improvements to Neva Place were to come from “benefits” from the sale of Moss Road Park and was informed that a budget from Renfrewshire Council was at last in place. The intention was to adopt the road in front of the shops, allowing the widening of Main Street, parking
etc. and thereafter the upkeep of that area would be the responsibility of Renfrewshire Council. .It was pointed out that concerns on Neva Place actually go back as far as 1956.
It was suggested that the two representatives take the message back to Renfrewshire Council that the general feeling of the village was that the proposed development was unacceptable.
The Chairman felt that nothing more would be gained from continuing the discussion at this point and suggested that the meeting return to the original agenda of the Community Council.

Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer informed the meeting that it had been suggested by Renfrewshire Council that in future the insurance policy held by the Community Council would be paid by Renfrewshire Council and the amount of money deducted from our Administrative allowance which is paid annually to the Community Council. The Community Council agreed to this arrangement.

Councillor’s Report:

Councillor Holmes:
The speed limit for Houston Road has now been reduced to 40mph however it has not been made clear how this is going to be enforced. It was agreed that a letter should be sent requesting this information.
The part of the wall between Bridge of Weir and Houston that had been broken for some time has been made worse by the recent storms hopefully this will be repaired soon.
There is to be a meeting regarding the offensive smell coming from the Tannery that will include representatives of the Tannery, Residents, SEPA and Scottish Water. The Community Council were also invited and two representatives will attend.
Local residents had made representation to the Council regarding the problems that arose due to parents parking at the primary school. A suggestion has been made that a turning circle be put in place in Houston Road Park to alleviate the problems. Children dropped there would takeapproximately six minutes to walk to school.
A Community Councillor informed Cllr. Holmes that although the two large trees that had come down during the storms had been removed, but the footpath behind Nos. 1 and 3 Kilallan Ave is deeply rutted as a result of the heavy machinery that was used in removing them. Since the path itself is not tarred -simply grass/earth it needs to be dressed to make it walkable again.

Secretary’s Report:

An application for extended hours at Chillies has been received, the Community Council have written to Renfrewshire Council with their objection.
Renfrewshire Local Outdoor Access Forum- Annual General Meeting. This will be held on Thursday 15 March at Castle Semple Centre, Lochwinnoch. T Fulton has said that he would register.

Police Report




Attempt theft of 4x4












Due to the time it, it was decided to close the meeting and reconvene the following week to continue with the agenda, the timing of which will be emailed to members of the Community Council.

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