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Feb 6th

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Of the regular of the Community Council meeting held on Tuesday 6th February at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Tom Fulton, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Andrew Crawford, Harold Tidswell, Gordon Lethorn, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Donald McKenzie, PC Tom Callaghan, Cllr. Noon, Cllr. Puthucheary.

APOLOGIES: Margaret Mills.

VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette), Neil Ferguson, Helen Martin.

Minutes of previous meeting were proposed by T. Fulton and seconded by A. Crawford.
Matters arising from the minutes.
It was pointed out that the community council had not recommended the "oneway system" rather it had
suggested that other possibilities be considered.
Hydrology should meet SEPA requirements.
Due to a typing error in the treasurer's report the community council apparently had a balance of 1.2 million
pounds. The treasurer took pains to inform the members that this was not, unfortunately, the case.


PC Callaghan began his report by informing the community council that this would be his last report as our Community Police Officer, as the policy now was to have a three year rotation.
th January - 6th February.Motor Vehicles Broken into 1Vandalism 3Misc. Theft 1Other Crimes 1Road Traffic Offences 1
Chairman Sandy Clark thanked PC Callaghan on behalf of the members of the community council for his service to the village, which had been greatly appreciated.

The Guest Speaker Ms Sylvia Morrison of Renfrewshire Community Health Partnership was introduced. There followed a most interesting and informative talk on the CHP giving details of its purpose, structure, budget and keys areas of responsibility. Forms were left for anyone who was interested in joining. The Chairman then thanked Ms Morrison for attending the meeting and explaining so well the role of CHP in the community.

Cllr Noon. See attached sheet.
Councillor Noon told the Community Council that due to the change in Ward boundaries this would be his
second last report to this council as he would be standing as candidate for the Houston Ward. He thanked the
Community Council for the support that he had received during his time as Councillor for Bridge of Weir
Additions to sheet.
Only one road in Bridge of Weir to be resurfaced.

Footpath resurfacing will be carried out in the financial year 2007 / 2008.

In order to have sufficient fencing to complete the banking area it may be necessary for some funding to come
from "Awards for All".
Councilor Puthucheary: See attached sheet.
Additions to sheet.
A pre-planning consultation for a telecommunications mast within Old Ranfurly Golf Club car park and sent
to the neighbours of area has had trwo objections lodged and more are expected.
The new owners of Logans Bar/ Railway Tavern have applied for a liquor licence. The plans for the changes
both internal and external were shown to the community council by the planning convener.
The bus stop at Summerfield is at stage 1 of resurfacing. Members of the community council pointed out tht
the slabs in the area around Summerfield were in need of being lifted and re-laid. There are also clogged
gutters in that area.
A complaint was made regarding the mess left at the end of St Machar's Road by those carrying out pavement
repairs. Photographs showing the extent of the mess were given to Cllr. Puthucheary who said that she would
look into the matter.
In order to obtain funding for a dog bin and recurring maintenance it will be necessary for an application to be
made from the community council, (this has already been done).
It was pointed out that an upturned traffic cone stuck into a hole near the Campbells the electricians was a
danger to the public and a request was made for it's removal. Cllr. Puthucheary thought that the road was
private, however S. Clark said that it had been proved in the 1980's that the then Renfrew District Council
owned it.
It was felt that the people carrying out the work at the bus stop were using the car park as a tip.

The members of the Community Council who had attended the Scottish Parliament considered that it had been a very worthwhile trip. They had listened to First Ministers questions, had lunch with Trish Godman and Rhona Brankin, Communities Minister. Policies on anti social behaviour, housing and policing were discussed.


Gryffe Garage has made an application to erect an M.O.T Station. - No objection.
The application for a car park at the Primary School to service the nursery has been withdrawn.
O2 Mast. Once the planning application has been received this will be discussed fiirther.
Prieston House / Glenview. There is a proposal to erect a 1.2m high fence at the driveway. It is felt that this is
not in keeping with the conservation area.

Neil Ferguson was introduced to the meeting. He is chairperson of the group involved with the village parks. The running of the group has been handed over from the community council and their constitution is almost ready. An overview of the project thus far was given and it was encouraging to hear that although the financial support from Renfrewshire Council would not be substantial their involvement in implementation will be of great benefit. Funding from the Lottery etc. will be investigated and it was felt that there was optimism for the future.

See attached sheet.

The meeting was informed that the speakers invited to this meeting will now be at the next one in March.
A letter of thanks was sent to Trish Godman MSP for inviting us to the Scottish Parliament and it was
suggested that one should also be sent to Rhona Brankin MSP for coming to speak to us.
We received letters on the report of the bridge and the school repairs.
The Secretary was given a letter by a member he had received from the badminton club on recent flooding in
the hall. A letter from the community council will be sent to the appropriate department.
All Community Councilors addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will be displayed in the usual
places within the village for the public to see and contact when required.

It is hoped to eventually have a web site where minutes and other information that help generate interest in the work of the Community Council. D McKenzie has agreed to help with this, and Alex Hewetson, Community council Liaison Officer, Renfrewshire Council had previously indicated that there would be help made available to Community Councils who wanted to go down that road.

The Community Council agreed to the purchase of a banner ( Bridge of Weir Community Council) at the cost of 40 and this could be used at various events in the village. It is intended to have the open meeting in March.

The Festival Committee had received a letter from the Ladies Badminton Club regarding the fabric of the Cargill Hall. When contacted earlier by the Festival Committee they had not had any complaints, but on 8th January a court was unplayable due a water leak and they had therefore decided to make them aware of this. The Community Council will send a letter to Renfrewshire Council making them aware of the problem and a copy to the Badminton Club.
It was asked if there was any information on the new bus route for the No. 8 bus due to commence Thursday 8th February. A visitor to the meeting was able to inform the Community council that the new route had started on Monday 5th February and was a circular route. Linwood - Elderslie - via Bridge of Weir. It will no longer serve the Moss Road area, however the 301 service will commence from 19th February. There are no timetables available, but apparently bus companies are not required to produce timetables until after they have started the new route.
The Chairman thanked everyone for coming.

DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The next meeting is on Tuesday 6th March at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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