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Feb 5th

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Bridge of Weir Community Council

Minutes of the regular meeting held on Tuesday 5th February 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton,, Elizabeth O'Hare, Andrew Crawford, Harold Tidswell, Patricia Allan, Donald McKenzie, Irene McCallum, Gordon Lethorn, PC. Tom Callaghan, PC. T Bryan, Councillor M Holmes, Councillor C Puthucheary.

APOLOGIES: Margaret Mills, Nicholl Gardner.


The meeting was opened by the Chairman who welcomed all and conveyed New Year greetings.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by J. Ellis and seconded by H. Tidswell.

Matters arising.:

It was felt that the wording of the planning report was ambiguous and therefore it was decide to prepare an amended report and a copy of this would be sent to D. Mackenzie in order to keep the web page information correct.
It was decided to leave the issue of signage until the Secretary's report as she had had communication on this matter.


Break-ins - Domestic
Motor Vehicles - Broken into
- Stolen
Misc. Theft
Drink Bye-laws
Serious assault
Minor assault
Other Crimes
Road Traffic Offences
Total Number

2nd Nov-2nd Dec 2007

3rd Dec 2007 - 5th Feb 2008

The six week period, including the Christmas Holiday season, that the wardens were in the area, appeared to be a success. There is concern regarding the presence of youths in the Livery Walk area, however the community police officers are working in conjunction with the Social Work Department and hopefully this issue will be resolved. An undercover operation was carried out regarding the sale of alcohol to underage children. An approved under 16 year old was involved. Of the premises checked none contravened the Act. New "hat" cameras are to be put into operation and funding has been approved for the purchase of more of these pieces of equipment. These cameras record information and will be extremely useful. This showing parents what their children have been up to.

A member of the community council commented that he had telephoned the police regarding incidents that had occurred over a weekend only to be informed that there were no records of these incidents being recorded. It was then explained by P C. Callaghan that in all probability the community councillor had been through to a call centre and that the reports would not have been available at the time. When asked who informed the necessary department when clean up of vandalism etc. was required the community council were told that it is only when there is blood or a possible hazard that the police do the informing.
Our community police officers said that they were not happy with the increase in vandalism and were looking into the feasibility of a return of the wardens. It was decided by members that a letter from the community council requesting this action should be sent.


Councillor Holmes:

There have been a number complaints regarding the dreadful condition of the roads with pot holes being the majority.
The Play Park Improvement Group has made representation to all three councillors regarding a shortfall in the funding. On the whole the group has to be congratulated in the amount of funding that they have raised and have written to the Chief Executive enquiring if there are any under-spent funds that could be considered for this project.
Housing Issues
All three of our Councillors are to meet with the Environmental Services in order to discuss the shrubbery in the village.
There has been a considerable number of communications regarding the proposed development in Manse Crescent, Houston, even from Bridge of Weir residents. One of the main causes of concern was the possible inability of the Gryffe Valley sewer to cope with increased demand. #

Councillor Puthucheary:

There has been a revised Planning Application from Westminster Homes for Maxwell Place. The proposed plan now is to erect four two-storey terraced houses and upgrade of the road. The community council have no objections, but felt that it should have an input to the plans for the environmental improvement at Neva Place frontage.
Concern was voiced that the proposed improvement would once again be put off due to a small triangular area being of unknown ownership. The community council will write requesting details of any improvement proposals and to remind Renfrewshire Council of their previous commitment to the area. This had been the community council's Millenium project which was dependent on the sale of the land to fund it.
Due to continued complaints regarding the illegal use of pavements for parking in Prieston Road, the Roads Department has agreed to put bollards in place down the North side as far a s the Clydesdale Bank.
There is a problem with parking in Woodside Avenue near the new footpath to the nursery at the Primary School. A meeting has been arranged with the Roads Department to look into this
The yellow lines that were to be repainted in Horsewood Road have still not been done.
The pot-holes in Lintwhite Crescent will also be viewed.
The litter problem behind Livery Walk seems to have been sorted out.
It was pointed out that many of the leaflets informing residents of the dates for uplift of garden rubbish were placed inside the bins. Obviously not a good idea. The complaints have already been sent to the appropriate department.
It was reported that there is not sufficient publicity for the buses in the area. Timetables have been removed from bus stops supposedly to make way for advertisements which have yet to appear.
Concerns were voiced on the following:-
Insufficient lighting on or around the new footbridge at the Kier Development which is obviously dangerous.
Darkness could attract the wrong kind of people.

Lampposts were removed while the building work was going on and have not been replaced.
There is rubble which needs to be uplifted.
The road surface on either side of the bridge leaves a lot to be desired, and the whole area is in need of a proper inspection
The amount of debris left lying around in the area behind Somerfield supermarket at Maxwell Place is a disgrace.
One of the bollards in that area has been knocked over slightly and the ground around it has been disturbed.
The manhole cover near Campbell's has still not been replaced.
Water still flows from Livery Walk down to the British Legion - this is possibly due to the blockage of the down pipe at the Bookmakers.
The Tenant's and Residents Associstion held a meeting regarding Livery Walk's problems and it appeared that the water was coming from the verandas and going behind the shutters instead of the manholes.
The roofing in Livery Walk is in need of repair but as the shop-holders are expected to pay a percentage of the costs this could be a problem, therefore it may be decided to apply for a grant.
The new road sweeper has made a big difference to the centre of Bridge of Weir and is to be congratulated on his efforts. It has been decided that the community council would write to Renfrewshire Council commending him on his job. There is talk of a hit squad that would go round the villages cleaning up but the general feeling is that it was unlikely that such a system would work.
A community councillor who had put in a complaint several times on line only to be informed when he eventually telephoned about it, that there was no record of it.
It was reported that the area of land between the Main Road and the cycle track from St. Machar's Church to Burndale workshop is covered in litter.
At the corner of Kilgraston and Lawmarnock Road there is a very deep puddle that has most likely been caused by a collapsed drain.

TREASURER'S REPORT: See attached sheet.


A letter has been received from Councillor Langlands on matters arising from the December meeting that he was looking into.

The Roads Department will investigate signs in the vicinity of Freeland at Loch Place, they will also look at the request for a no through road sign at the northern end of Loch Place.
There have been aongoing problems with the new traffic lights at Houston Road corner. There will be further changes to changes in the timings on the lights.
Road markings at Hazelwood Road will be investigated, and road markings will be refurbished where appropriate when the weather is suitable.
The street lights left on all day in Woodside Avenue is due to a Scottish Power fault.
A letter was sent to Kier Homes asking if was possible to give the Parks Improvement Group some funding. We have not had a reply.
A letter was sent to the Chairman of the Festival Committee on the conduct of members of his committee when representatives of the community council attended a meeting with them. An invitation has been received from Inspector Laing at Johnstone to attend a visit to the new Communications Centre at Glasgow.
The Chairman and Treasurer attended a consultation meeting on IS January on the Consultation of Decentralisation. The Treasurer and Secretary at attended a special meeting of the Forum on the same subject.


Ranfurly Golf Course wishes to change a practice range of nine holes to a six hole Community Project. The intention is that schools and youth groups would have access to this facility. They have written to the community council looking for their support. The community council were pleased to do this and a letter of support will be sent to their Secretary.
Renfrewshire Council have written to the owner of the land at Strathgryffe Crescent reminding him of his obligation to reinstate the path to the cycle track. A complaint was also made that due to lack of vegitation now on the land it is prone to flooding not only on the land but across the main carraigeway, Cllr. Puthucheary said that she would speak to the roads department.

Christmas Lights:

A meeting to discuss this years Christmas Lights will be arranged for Tuesday 11th March if the room is available. Members felt that this years lights lacked something, perhaps they were not even our lights. It was agreed that an approach be made to the local Grant's Board for funding to enhance them. All ideas for funding would be appreciated plus any suggestions on the actual switching on of the lights.


The Chairman and Treasurer, and Treasurer and Secretary attended two meetings on Decentralisation. It was noted that there were very few members of the public in attendance.
Basically there were two options.
1/ Statutory Powers which would have 4 delegates for the whole area ónote that there are five community councils!!
2/Non Statutory Committee which would have a larger membership and therefore would be open to more viewpoints.
Budgets were discussed but there seemed to be lots of misunderstanding and although the members from Bridge of Weir put their views forward the outcome is still uncertain.

The chairman requested that members come up with ideas for speakers at future meetings.

The idea of hosting a "Bridging the Gap" meeting with local groups
e.g. the Festival Committee, Tenants and Residents Association, Pensioners Groups, Scouts, Boys Brigade, Guides plus representatives of RCVS, was put forward to the members of the community council for consideration and asked to come back to the next meeting with their thoughts on the matter.
The community council were informed that the computers at Gryffe High are now being switched off at night.
This concluded the business.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 4 March at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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