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Feb 3rd

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd February 2009 in the Cargill Hall

PRESENT: Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Elizabeth O'Hare, Gordon Lethorn, Harold Tidswell, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Sandy Clark, Andrew Crawford, Irene McCallum.

VISITORS: Councillor Iain Langlands, David Adam, Paul Birch, Freeland Church, Bill Brock, Kristian Truelsen, Renfrewshire Gazette.

The meeting was opened by acting chairman T. Fulton who welcomed all in attendance.

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by D. Mckenzie and seconded by M.Mills.
There were no matters arising from the previous minutes.

The police were not in attendance therefore there was no police report.

TREASURER'S REPORT - see attached sheet.

The Treasurer informed the meeting that he was awaiting funds for the Administrative Grant approx (540.00).
The local grant for the Christmas Lights has also not been received. He will look into this and see what the hold-up has been.
There is an account for 1023 awaiting payment (Christmas Lights etc.) He will hold off paying this until the
Grants have been received.


Due to the holiday there was nothing much to report.
The Community Council \Liaison Officer had picked up from the AGM minute of October 2008 our lack of response to letters sent out. The Secretary had been asked to discuss this with her. It was decided rather than send Renfrewshire Council letters by e.mail they should be sent hard copy by post as there is better tracking of them when in the council's system. A record has to be kept of all letters sent and when replies or acknowledgements are received. This will determine which department in the Council do not reply within their time targets.
The next meeting of the Forum is on Monday 9th February.

COUNCILLOR'S REPORT: Councillor Langlands.

The Councillor had been informed that the railing at the end of Houston Road had been crushed and will report this to the appropriate department.
Yet more pot holes have been reported.
He will try to determine what is happening with the ongoing situation of Loch Road repairs. As far as he is aware an agreement had been made between the builders, Kier Homes, and Renfrewshire Council Planning Department that Kier Homes would contribute 26.000 towards the cost of the road repairs. Heavy construction vehicles had made the road condition worse.
Renfrewshire Council has said that it could serve a Breach of Condition notice. However this would have to go to the new house owners and this was felt to be unfair.
It was suggested that a letter be sent to Renfrewshire Council urging them to carry out the repairs and then claim the cost from Kier Homes.

Renfrewshire Council are about to revamp their recycling procedures.
The blue and green boxes are to be phased out and a blue wheelie bin be given for the collection of paper and plastics. The grey bins will still be for general rubbish and the brown bin for garden refuse.
There will be a procedure for the disposal of glass but that has not yet been decided upon.
The blue and grey bins will be uplifted on alternate weeks.

It is hoped to have this in operation later this year. Appropriate information will be sent to residents prior to implementation of the revised scheme.

A member of the Tenants and Residents Association expressed surprise on hearing that these decisions had been made on 14th January as he had attended a meeting only the previous week where he had been told that the final decision had yet to be been taken, Councillor Langlands assured him that the decision had been taken on the 14th January.
A member of the Community Council asked if it was possible for residents to be given larger wheelie bins as those with families would find it difficult coping with a fortnightly collection. The meeting was told that this was being considered.

Freeland car park:
David Adam and Paul Birch, two members of Freeland Church were introduced and they explained that they had come to the Community Council regarding the recent purchase of land by Freeland Church.
For several decades the land has been used as a car park but it had come to the attention of the church that plans for a possible change of use of the part the area not owned by Amaretto's was in the offing. The intention of the church is to clean up the existing area and increase the number of car parking places. Improving the lighting, landscaping the area next to Main Street and repairing the boundary walls is also in their plans. The owner of Amaretto's has been most co-operative.
This work would entail a great deal of expense and financial help would be required. As it is a facility that would be used by many villagers, not only those attending church, the intention is to ask local businesses for contributions and also if possible help from the Community Council. It was explained that the Community Council was unable to give financial help but would be happy to support the project by giving details of the various bodies that may be able to provide funding e.g. the Village Enhancement Fund, Environmental Services, Corporate Services and Local Area Committee for Grants. The names of individuals who have experience in locating funding were also given.

A visitor indicated that access to the back of the car park from the cycle track lent itself to vandalism.


The Signage project for footpaths and history boards is almost complete. Leaflets giving details of the various walks in the village and surrounding area were given out. These leaflets will be available from the library and the Pirie information centre.
It is hoped that the signs will be erected in March or April.
A question as to whether or not these signs and boards were vandal proof was raised but unfortunately the answer to that was no.

Some of the fencing at Mill o Gryffe Road has collapsed possibly due to a falling tree. It would appear that repairs could be carried out to the existing fence but if necessary the railings that were removed from the kiosk area should be available...
It was suggested that trees in obviously poor condition should be cut before fencing is repaired. The chairman of the Tenant and Residents Association and Councillor Langlands will progress this.

Play Park Project:

An additional contribution from Renfrewshire Council towards the Houston Road Park should allow completion of this phase of the project. Plans are now being put in place for phase 2 of the play park improvement project.

An application for the cost of replacing the small tree near the supermarket with a larger spruce tree has been made to Renfrewshire Environmental Trust and should be considered at the next meeting of the Trust in mid May.

The storm drains in the village are in need of cleaning, and some that require repair.
The Community Council has written frequently on this matter but will do so again.
A community councillor informed the meeting that it was only by threatening legal action was the storm drain outside her home repaired and new piping laid. The original piping had not been of the correct type.
Councillor Langlands had raised the issue at a meeting in January and suggested that an Inspector be invited to come out to the village and examine the storm drains. The acting chairman intimated that he would be willing to accompany him on this visit.
Apparently the sub-contractors are supposed to do this every second year.

It has been pointed out that the areas between Mansewrae,/ Kilbarchan Road and the Johnstone Road to St. Mary's Church are particularly bad for rubbish.
Another point made was that although the village road sweeper makes an excellent job of lifting litter within the village the sacks that he fills are not always regularly uplifted.

More road surfaces within the village appear to be breaking up and it was strongly suggested that when this is noticed it should be either be added to the list in the library or notified to the council via Renfrewshire Council's web site.

Renfrewshire Council is planning to introduce decriminalisation of parking fines. This will mean that the council and not the police will become responsible for the traffic warden services and policing of parking arrangements. No date has yet been agreed for the changeover.

A salt bin was removed from Southview Crescent and has not been replaced. It was explained that a request to have it removed had been made as it was broken and had been full of rubbish instead of salt. This was supposed to be replaced with a concrete one.
Any complaints about gritting or the lack of it should be made to Brian Allison - Scott's Road, Paisley.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting will take place on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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