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Feb 2nd

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of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 2nd February 2010 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: T. Fulton, J Ellis, N Gardner, Margaret Mills, D McKenzie, H Martin, S Liddell (arrived late).

APOLOGIES: S Clark, A Crawford, E O'Hare, G Lethorn, H Tidswell, P Allan, Cllr. Puthucheary.

VISITORS: Bill Brock, Gazette. PC M Saundorson


Error noted in Minutes of previous meeting. The "Local Housing Forum" should have read "Local Licensing Forum".
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by H. Martin and seconded by M.Mills

POLICE REPORT: Until 31st January

11 crimes reported and 6 detected.
4 simple assaults 1 domestic incident, 1 large quantity of drugs 1 vandalism
1 case of false information being given to police 2 breach of the peace

TREASURER'S REPORT: See attached sheet


Councillor Langlands indicated to the Community Council that the trimming of overgrown vegetation on the Johnstone Road is in hand.

The Local Action Plans. The details of this plan can be obtained from S. Liddell. Community Council Secretary
Renfrewshire Council Website now has details of all new Planning Applications and the plans of all applications being processed.
There are plans for a new access road to Scart Farm
The Regeneration work in Livery Walk will begin on 8.2.2010
Improvement to the area has already been seen due to the work done on the outside of the shops and housing as well as the re-painting of the supermarket sign under the new ownership of the Co-op.
The renewal work on the paved areas will include the removal of two trees and the planting of one new tree.
Community Council to approach Council Planning re- the placing of the new tree with special regard to the Christmas Lights.
The Community Council will also try to find some means of providing an elevated platform for the Gala Queen.
The present bus lay-by will be removed as part of the improvements work. The question of this causing more disruption to traffic flow through the village but the planners have said this should not cause a problem as the buses only stop for a short time in this area, it may even be an asset as a traffic calming measure.
S. Clark. hopes to arrange a meeting with Fraser Carlin and the Community Council re- Village Regeneration. Secretary to send e-mail to Fraser Carlin.
The Christmas Light Switch On went well with only a few minor hiccups. The service at Freeland Church was well attended but ended sooner than anticipated and resulted in an earlier switch on than had been planned. It was decided the weather was too cold to wait until the arranged time. This is noted and will be corrected at this years switch-on. B. Brock said the band did not play outside because of the cold.
The catering was said to be good and cost effective as usual, however, it is likely that the present provider will retire this year and new catering arrangements will be needed.
The distribution of food, despite the best efforts of J. Ellis, was seen to be difficult as some of those in early took too much leaving little or nothing for the last in the queue. One suggestion to help distribution was to provide "goody bags" for the children.
J.Ellis said that funding of the Christmas Light Switch on needs reviewing with further sources of funding being sought for next year.


The repair to the Torr Road buttress wall is nearing completion and the present concrete re-enforcement is to be faced with setts and the road surface renewed. Secretary to contact Renfrewshire Council for a progress update.
A community councillor was contacted re- the allocation of council housing and it was suggested that few tenancies are being given to Bridge of Weir residents and that a larger than acceptable number of tenancies are being given to tenants with known anti-social tendencies'. This is especially unacceptable to the elderly tenants in what was accepted as housing designed for the elderly. Secretary to contact the council re their housing allocation policy.

There are several pot holes in the supermarket car park and the road between the Co-op and Campbell's Electrical Store is in a very poor condition. The improvement works at Livery Walk will address the top end of this problem, but further down Maxwell Place is in private ownership.
The Leader Action Group are keen to have applications for large or small projects and grants of up to 50% are available.

Time and Date of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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