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Feb 1st

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Bridge 0f Weir Community Council

Minutes of the regular meeting held on Tuesday 1st February 2011 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present: T.Fulton, S. Liddell, G.Lethorn, J.Ellis, P.Allan, M.Mills, H.Martin, S. Clark, D. McKenzie.
Cllr. M Holmes
Apologies: E. O'Hare, N.Gardiner.
Visitors: PC A. Lyle, PC S. McInnes, Scott Allan, Head of Roads, Renfrewshire Council. John McKelvie, Anna McKenzie.

Acting chairman P. Allan who welcomed all in attendance opened the meeting.

Minutes of previous meeting proposed by D. McKenzie, T. Fulton.

Police Report:










Theft & housebreaking



Theft of Motor vehicle



Theft from motor vehicle



Drunk driving



Communication Act



An action plan is currently being initiated by Linwood Community Police in an effort to reduce the number of thefts recorded in Bridge of Weir.

Scott Allan, Head of Roads Department: Renfrewshire Council.

Statistically the last two years have been the worst since 1985 with December 2010 the coldest on record combined with more snow than for thirty years. Road grit /salt consumption to date has been 10,00 tons. The problem has been exacerbated due to road grit/salt being ineffective at very low temperatures when the grit sticks like glue to the ice.

Priority for clearing snow and ice is given firstly to main roads, followed by residential roads, then footpaths. With main roads sometimes having to be cleared and / or gritted several times a day this has resulted in delays in clearing residential areas. The council has to see if there is an increasing trend to having colder winters before it considers the very costly option of increasing the number and types of snow and ice clearing equipment.

Claims for damage to cars because of potholes were reduced in 2010. Recently re-surfaced roads using a new method for resurfacing and repairs have stood up to the weather better than previously. Pothole repairs though more expensive is proving to be more effective, longer lasting and more cost effective.
Community Council members raised questions regarding Bridge of Weir roads with steep hills not being gritted and the policy and procedures regarding roadside grit bins.

Scott Allan replied that Bridge of Weir is given priority in residential areas due to the village's hilly nature and asked that the council be contacted if an area has been missed out. Renfrewshire Council's web site shows locations of grit bins and to inform the council of any grit bins missing from listed locations as recently the theft of a grit bin was seen on CCTV. The public can ask for new grit bins but Health and Safety issues have stopped public access to salt depots. The council is currently reviewing its grit bin policy.

In response to the problems caused by the resurfacing of part of the Main Street,
Scott Allan replied that the resurfacing had been arranged for November but an unforeseen problem caused this to be postponed. When a sudden opportunity came up to do the repairs the diversion signs were put out at the last minute but recognised that the placing of the diversion signs could have been better. Traffic lights are not an option on most of Bridge of Weir Main Road as it is too narrow to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Both of which contributed to the disruption to local bus services and difficulties for other road users.

Other road related issues discussed included:

Traffic calming measures on Kilmacolm Road at the doctor's surgery that did not seem to be effective at reducing speed.
The proposed speed limit reduction from Houston Road to Gryffe High school.
Road surfacing in Loch Road has only moved the flooding along the road and that the road and pavement are now almost level allowing traffic to park easily on the pavement.
The Water Board's inadequate repairs in Loch road

In reply Scott Allan advised that the policy is for a calming measure to be given at least a year before assessing it's success. A speed limit of 40mph. on Houston Road is still awaiting a Police decision.

He noted the flooding issue but said the expense of re-setting kerb stones could not be justified at the time of cuts in public expenditure.

Currently the council can only inspect work when the public utility provides a certificate of completion, which can be delayed as long as current Health and Safety measures are met.
He also said the council were investigating future legislation whereby they could penalise public utilities when the repairs were inadequate. Statistics of public utility repairs show only 50% of repairs meet the recommended standard.

Treasurer's Report.

Most of the cost of the cancelled Xmas lights festivities has been recovered. There are several selection packs remaining and are available to buy subject to the 'use by' dates.
Accounts provided.

Secretary's Report

Community Council Election information posters and nomination forms for the forthcoming election forms have been received. The posters will be distributed to the usual shops, library and the Cargill Hall.

Councillor's Report

Councillor M. Holmes said the First Bus 6X service has stopped with McGill's Buses having replaced some of the service. Being unsubsidised it could be stopped if not used.
Resident's have complained about the inability to obtain a response from the council's emergency telephone number, especially during the holiday period in December. The council accepted there was inadequate phone numbers and staffing and it is being reviewed.
The library action group trying to save the local library facilities indicated to the Councillor that they would be happy to liase with any BOW residents who wished save the local library service as it exists at present.
The councillor had received multiple e-mails regarding Renfrewshire Council's proposal to provide non-teaching staff to cover the time out of classrooms allocated to teachers by the McCrone report. Cuts in local funding necessitated some changes to schooling and any objections to the council's plans may be addressed to David Low.
Budget cuts may also affect local groups and CC members agreed that any available funds should concentrate on the Xmas lights, the Gala day, the Elderly Forum and Senior Citizen's.

Planning Report

The proposed change in use of the Post Office to a fish and chip ship was raised with the last date for objections being 18th March 2011. A C.C. member to draft a letter of objection to the proposed loss of the Post Office and e-mail this draft as a guide to help formulate letters objecting to the loss of the PO.

Visitor The visitor to the CC wished to discuss the possible allocation of allotments in Bridge of Weir. There are large waiting lists for the few allotments available in Renfrewshire.
As they have a legal obligation to provide allotments the council would appreciate resident's views on possible allotments sites.

There was general agreement the Xmas lights looked very well last year. Unfortunately bad weather stopped the Xmas lights festivities. Hopefully festivities can go ahead next year on the 29th November or the first Wednesday in December. The application for funding for the Xmas lights to be arranged by S Clark and T. Fulton.

Mr N Gardner intimated that he would not be seeking re-election to the Community Council.

Date and Time of next meeting.

The next meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 1st March at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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