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Feb 14th

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Minutes of reconvened meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 14 February 2012 in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: P Allan, S Clark, T Fulton, S Liddell, H Martin, D McKenzie, M Mills, E O'Hare,

APOLOGIES: J Ellis, G Svensson, H Tidswell.

VISITORS: Donald Blair, Norman Johnstone.

In light of the meeting held on 7 February the Chairman has drawn up a letter to be sent to the leader of Renfrewshire Council. The Secretary will send an email copy of this letter to the three Councillors for Bridge of Weir as well as the MSP.

A resident of Moss Road has opened a Facebook account where information received can be posted, and there has also been a letter drop in the area of Moss Road Park. This resident has also had contact with Sharon Marklow of Renfrewshire Council's Planning Department.
The editor of the Advertizer has agreed to writing a report for the magazine but he has also said that he does not receive enough information from the Community Council. The Community Council will try to rectify this by sending reports.

Treasurer's Report:

In the absence of the Treasurer the Chairman read from his report.

Planning Report:

Comments on the Local Main Issues Report can be made until 24 February, these will reflect the support the feelings made very clear at the meeting on 7 February.

There are 4 Housing Sites and 1 Retail site.

1.Kier Homes have already developed part of the Leather Works site.

2. Small site at bowling green

3. Fetler Road

4. Car Park adjacent to CH Bull. It would be an improvement if this site was cleaned up. However there is a Right of Way through the site and this should not be overlooked.

Maxwell Place.

The redevelopment of the car park at Ranfurly Golf Club is thought to be one of the most contentious. If it was developed the Golf Club would be looking to building a new clubhouse.


The coal yard and railway sidings.

Substantial changes to the road infrastructure would have to be undertaken and this was mentioned by Fraser Carlin and Stuart McMillan.

Moss Road Park.

The Community Council has written to Renfrewshire Council commenting on the possible sale of the park. The Community Council were also dismayed that the Councillors were requested to keep this matter confidential.
As there is no Planning Application at the moment no comment can be made without seeing a plan.

Railway Sidings

This area was thought to be Ring Fenced however Renfrewshire Council would suggest otherwise. Certain safeguards should be in place and if it has to be sold then it should be advertised.

The Community Council is concerned regarding the release of other land. The Solum of the railway track was also thought to be protected and it was understood that the Cycle Track was to run alongside the old railway track.
Apparently if any of the three Renfrewshire Councillors made known there views on the sale of the park etc. they would then be excluded from the full council vote. Both Cllr. Holmes and Cllr. Puthucheary have made known their views that they oppose any sale of the park.

Coal Yard.

The two representatives from the site showed a plan they had drawn up. This is a Brownfield site and the plan is that it be split into separate sites; one for the Council and one for individual units. A plan outlining that part of the site be used for individual units while the coal yard used the remainder had previously been put to Sustrans but had been refused.
Under the Local Plan nothing has been marked as industrial or changed from Light Industrial to Retail.

Xmas Lights.

Complementary comments were made regarding the lights put up by the Community Council plus the additional ones by Brighter Bridge of Weir. The Chairman of the Community Council has already written to Brighter Bridge of Weir thanking them for their efforts in enhancing the village outlook.
There is sufficient money left over from last year's grant to pay for this year's lights.

Pow Burn Clean-up.

Correspondence from Cart's Green Space giving information to the Councillors and also asking if the Community Council would become involved in using the Community Service Scheme. The actual area requiring clean-up would have to be identified.


The area at the end of St. Machar's Road has still not been cleaned. The road sweeping vehicle will go no further than the end of the houses leaving the area that was the site of the demolished garages, and also the area at the side entrance to the park filthy.

An open air Church Service is to be on 20 May in Freeland Church car park.

There has been difficulty in obtaining a venue and date for the meeting with Dawn Developments that will be large enough to hold the number of people expected to attend. The provisional date booked with the Royal British Legion club is 15 March if suitable for Dawn Developments.


Date and time of next meeting.

To be arranged.

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