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Dec 9th

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Bridge of Weir Community Council


Of the regular meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 9th December 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Margaret Mills, Donald McKenzie, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Gordon Lethorn, Nicholl Gardner, Patricia Allan, Irene McCallum.

VISITORS: Councillor Puthucheary, PC Twaddle, PC Kilgour, Bill Brock, Gazette.

The meeting was opened by the chairman who welcomed all in attendance.


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by J. Ellis
There were no matters arising from the minutes.


The Chairman indicated that in his opinion the Annual Confer Conference of the Association of Community Councils was a worthwhile venture in particular since the format has been changed from an Annual General Meeting to a Conference.
The key speakers were Vincent Waters, Chief Constable John Neilson, Derek Stuart, Professor Norman Bonney and Patrick Harvey.
The ASCC will be of help when the new Scotland wide scheme for Community Councils
Is introduced early next year when additional funding for Community Councils is expected.
Changes in community policing are taking place and it is suggested that a visit from Inspector Laing would be both interesting and informative - February and March were put forward as possible dates for the invitation.
Data protection fees will have to be paid.
It has been proposed that training days in Planning Regulations etc take place for Community Councillors and it is possible that funding could be provided.
It was thought that it would be of benefit if Community Councils co-operated when large or contentious developments in an area are being planned.
Each Community Council should make use of the local press and have a dedicated press officer as well as using the internet.
The Chairman recommended that at next year's conference other Community Councillors should attend. At the moment the proposed venue is in Stirling.


Total number of crimes - 19 of which 4 have been detected.
Vandalism 8
Use of an offensive weapon 1 (boy of 15 with a machete)
Misuse of drugs 1
Thefts from domestic residences 2 - 1 had taken place while the resident was at home - a door was left unlocked.
Breach of peace 2 In one of these instances the owner did not report the incident until the following day. One incident was a domestic and a male was arrested
Simple assault 1
Shoplifting 1 (17 year old arrested)
Commercial premises 1
Robberies 2 Positive line of inquiry being pursued.

In another robbery involving an elderly couple s they approached their front door.
a bag was stolen.
Two shop premises have been targeted and have been given crime surveys. Advice was given but it would appear that only one owner has taken this advice.

There is a new policy regarding the policing of the village. Up until recently there has been one community policeman covering Bridge of Weir, Houston and Crosslee however now there is a dedicated probationary officer who has the help of two qualified officers. It is hoped that in the new year there will be another officer allocated to Bridge of Weir.
High visibility with foot patrols will help both in the prevention of crimes and also with the detection.
Community wardens will also be patrolling the village as will the CCTV police van.
Traffic wardens are also doing their rounds and reinforcing regulations.
Police have issued 24 fixed penalties.
The cycle track is also being patrolled.
The strategy to be used in combating vandalism is to pull out all of the stops to identify the vandals.
The ethos of the community policeman is also changing in that he is now the first port of call for all crimes.
The Anti-social team based at Linwood has liaised with the Assist Team regarding local youths.
Basically it must be stressed that parents have to take responsibility for their children's actions.

A community councillor complained about the parking of cars on the pavements facing the Cargill Hall, they are so close to the hedges that pedestrians have to walk on the road in order to pass. The police officers in attendance agreed to look into the situation.

The 30mph sign has still not been replaced although Councillor Putucheary and the community council have written to the appropriate department asking for this to be done.
It was also noted that there is a great deal of graffiti in the village and it would appear to be the work of the same individual having a most distinctive style.

COUNCILLORS REPORT: Cllr. Puthucheary.

Neva Place - It is hoped that Westminster Homes will be beginning construction in the spring. Not all of the planning application has been approved as apparently the flood assessments are insufficient.

A tour of the village allowed notes of road defects e.g. potholes, missing signs, vandalised signs, overhanging branches etc.

The question of the problems that arose with gritting in the village during the recent very cold weather.
It was explained that it was an unusual combination of circumstances was mainly to blame. After the roads had been gritted there had been heavy rain that washed the grit away and then the freezing of the rain water.
When questioned that not all of the bus routes- even the school bus routes had been gritted, it was explained that not all of these routes are recognised by Renfrewshire Council. Since de- regulation bus companies can change their routes almost at will.
A request was made that more grit bins be placed in various parts of the village to allow residents the ability to grit their own pavements as several villagers broken bones in the last cold spell.

Councillor Putucheary was present at the school when a cheque for over 3000 was handed over to the British Heart Foundation. Children and staff had run a 3,000K race to raise the money.

TREASURERS'S REPORT: See attached sheet.


25th November 2008 in Tweedie Halls, Linwood at 6.00pm.

A good turn-out of delegates, partners and general public ensured a healthy discussion on all subjects tabled. This was the third meeting of the restructured set-up. I detect a pattern is emerging of a well conducted group and good leadership from the Chair, enabling a good flow through the agenda.

The following is a summary of the business addressed, reports in most cases were included in the agenda with a Q and A session following each delivered report. The reports are available on Renfrewshire Council website.

Community Planning Partner Update - reports from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Strathclyde Police and Renfrewshire CHP.
Renfrewshire Single Outcome Agreement - Community Plan and Fairer Scotland Fund.
Community Capacity Building and Support for Local Area Committees.
Key Local Issues / Community Feedback.
Playpark Provision.
Environmental Warden Scheme.
Financial Arrangements - Budget Monitoring Report, LAC Projects, Applications for LAC Funding.

Following an Open Session the date for the next LAC meeting was set for Tuesday 24 February 2009.


Renfrewshire Community Councils' Forum.
10th November 2008 in Town Hall, Paisley at 6.30pm.

Youth Democracy.
The Forum heard a presentation by Kris Sinclair and Scott McKay Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament and Renfrewshire Youth Voice.

Renfrewshire Council's Administrative Allowance.
Bridge of Weir Community Council had put this forward for discussion at the previous Forum meeting on 12th May 2008, however due to running out of time had to be postponed until this meeting. After discussion it was agreed that all community councils identify all expenses that should be met. Information would be collected analysed and discussed with community councils before asking Renfrewshire Council to review the Scheme to increase the administrative grant.

Nick Walker the ASCC representative updated the Forum on the progress being made towards the introduction of a national model scheme for code of conduct for community councils.

Membership of Community Councils.
Johnstone CC requested that consideration be given to the eligibility for candidates elected on to CC's. The Forum was informed that any resident in the area over 16 and having the correct criteria could be voted on.

Forum Meetings.
Langbank CC raised the point that the work of the Forum was not widely known and requested that consideration on giving more prominence to the work of the Forum.

The next meeting of the Forum will take place on 9th February 2009.

PLANNING REPORT: - Nothing of significance to report.


The switch on of the Christmas Lights was a success with over 200 people attending the church service. The band and choir were enjoyed by all and in general it was felt that the event was appreciated by the village as a whole.
Tentative plans have been discussed to remove the small tree at the supermarket and replace it. It would also be illuminated. It is thought that cost would be in the region of 3,800 and applications to the Environment Trust for Scotland and Awards for All would be made.


HM Inspectorate of Education are carrying out an Audit of Community Learning and Development (CLD) in order to find out how Renfrewshire District Council handle education with particular attention being paid to young people.
Comments made on this audit can be seen on the official website for Bridge of Weir which has been complemented as it is not only up to date but displays excellent interaction with other sites within the community.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd February at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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