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Dec 9th

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 9th December 2009 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Elizabeth O'Hare, Margaret Mills, Harold Tidswell, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: A. Crawford, T Fulton, G Lethorn, N Gardner, P Allan, D McKenzie.

VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette) 2 Community PC's Miss Barrow.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman who welcomed all in attendance. He explained that as several members had indicated that they would not be attending he had suggested to the guest speaker, Mr. John Smart, that he did not attend tonight and suggested 2nd of March 2010 as an alternative date when it was hoped that more community councillors would be able to attend.


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by J. Ellis and seconded by M. Mills.


1st November until 30th November the following crimes were reported and of these 3 were detected.



Motor Vehicle theft


Breach of the Peace




Attempted housebreaking






Serious Assault


Breach of Bail


A housebreaking and a bag snatching from a previous time period were detected.
Anyone wishing to read information on the breakdown of crimes and the effect of the on the spot fines on loc al crime can be obtained from the Strathclyde Police website.
The number of Community Police officers based in Linwood is now at 14, 2 of whom have been dedicated to Bridge of Weir. It is hoped that by early to mid January 2010 that the Linwood office will be fully operational.
A community councillor asked the police officers what steps could be taken to prevent alcohol being purchased for underage drinkers by someone of age and they explained that whenever this was seen it should be reported and hopefully it could be stopped.
Another community councillor expressed disquiet about the number of motorists using unnecessary lights when driving. There can be a 30 fine for doing so and police officers have been stopping drivers who have been doing this. However it was also explained that at this time of year motorists could on occasion be driving out of a foggy area and could forget to turn off their fog lights. Another problem is that in certain new cars the lights switch on automatically.
A member of the public asked about the situation with the buses, or lack of them, in the village. It was explained that at present an application was being made for a possible subsidy and in the meantime "Dial a Bus" could be used by disabled people although not for hospital appointments due to the uncertainty of how long these appointments take. At the last meeting it was said that this was not a good service however in the opinion of some of those in attendance at tonight's meeting this was not strictly accurate. It would appear that the service that was not good was actually the "Ring and Ride" service.

TREASURER'S REPORT : See attached sheet

The CCTV group, after having given the Park's Group 24,000 divided their remaining funds between various village groups including the Community Council, Freeland Church car park, the Elderly Forum and the Festival Committee. 310.89p was given to each group and the Chairman of the Community Council expressed his thanks. The CCTV fund is now closed.


It was felt that the caterer at the Royal British Legion should receive a small acknowledgement from the Community Council for her work on the evening of the Christmas Light switch on.
As can be seen, the lights that were put up were not those originally purchased by the Community Council.
It would appear that those particular lights had been damaged whilst being stored by Renfrew District Council. However all agreed that the new lights were very good.
J. Ellis and D. McKenzie represented Bridge of Weir at visit to the Scottish Parliament with the Association of Community Councils.
The mainline speakers gave power point presentations and these can be viewed at
The topics were, Rural Agenda for Community Councils, Glasgow Pilot Scheme in the Queen's Park area,
The legalities of Community Councils and The Common Good.
Our representatives voted on various issues.
There was no other competent business.

Chairman's Report from Local Area Committee.

To date there has been a 30% uptake of the Swine 'Flu vaccine and the guidelines for under fives has still to be outlined.
According to statistics serious crime has reached a 10 year low however 14.5% of all of those stopped and searched were found to have weapons. The courts are now coming down harder on offenders for carrying weapons and this seems to be a deterrent.
The person who snatched a bag in Bridge of Weir has been charged with this offence. He has had similar offences in Linwood.
A person who broke into a house in Bridge of Weir has also been detected,
Renfrewshire Area Legislative have changed the law regarding drinking alcohol in a public place. It is now considered an offence to be in possession of an open container.

Fire Raising
A fire in Loch Road was reported.
The Fire Service is trying to combat wilful fire-raising and there is now an uplift available for combustible material. The cost of attendance by the Fire Service per call is 1907.

Volunteers are being sought for the Local Housing Forum.
A very professional and interesting presentation was given by the Environmental Services regarding the new re-cycling programme.
If any section of the community that has not yet received their new bins or the detailed instructions of collection dates and detailed instructions for the usage of the various bins then this would be rectified by the Environmental Services.
I raised the issue of the reduced hours for our village street cleaner and other villages in general.
The situation is being looked at and the intention is that the street cleaner will follow the bin collection service. When I inquired if this would reduce the hour sof the sweeper in the villages no direct answer was received. The only response was that streets that needed cleaning would be given priority.
I also asked if there was a schedule for the street cleaner and was informed that currently one was not available but it was hoped that there would be one shortly.
If additional blue bins are required they will be supplied by the Environmental Services.
A new agenda item was added suggesting that we consider Village Centre Improvements especially in regards to private property. I discussed this with Tony Rush suggesting that we hold a meeting with our three councillors to discuss Regeneration Services in January detail an action plan.
There is to be a Renfrewshire wide area committee conference on Saturday 26th 2009.
A consultative document for Area Committees is due out within the next two weeks.
Various grants were discussed but only one of these was from Bridge of Weir and it was agreed on subject to a check of the details of the application.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will be held on Tuesday 2nd February 2010 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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