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Dec 11th

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MINUTES Of the regular meeting held on Tuesday 11th December 2007 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Tom Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Margaret Mills, Irene McCallum, Harold Tidswell,

APOLOGIES: Gordon Lethorn, Pat Allan, Elizabeth O'Hare, Andrew Crawford. Nicholl Gardner.

VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette). Cllr lain Langlands. Meg Millar, Festival Committee. John O'Rourke, Sandra Peters, Community Wardens.


The minutes were proposed by Irene McCallum and seconded by Jim Ellis.
There were no matters arising.

Due to the absence of the Police there was no report.


Councillor lain Langlands.

The Councillor reported that things had been quiet. However he did mention that the bridge
on Mill Brae was waiting on the developer.
Concern was shown by a member that when the police and fire engine had come down Loch
Road into Mill O' Gryffe Road they had difficulty in entering the new Freeland Estate. The
police who had attended did not know that this was a No Through Road as there are no signs
and the street name had not been changed from the old lamppost to the new. The Councillor
was asked to look into new street signage for Loch Road and Loch Place.
The filter arrow on the new traffic lights at Houston Road corner never seems to work.
Some street lighting in the Woodside area seems to be on for 24 hours a day.
The white lines at the giveway signs at Montrose Terrace, Watt Road and Kilgraston Road are
worn away. The councillor was asked to speak to the roads department regarding these

The Chairman introduced the 2 new Community Wardens to the meeting.

They gave us an insight into what their jobs entailed, and how we should use the Wardens. They have no powers of arrest but tackle minor complaints of antisocial behaviour, can act as the first point of contact between residents and other services such as Police and Housing problems. They will be in Bridge of Weir initially for 6 weeks.


Letter from Department of Planning regarding the Third Alteration to the Glasgow and Clyde
Valley Joint Structure Plan 2006.
Letter to Festival committee regarding the complaint of rubbish left after the Car Boot Sale in
the Car Park. We have received a reply from the Tenants and Resident Association.
lain Hamilton, Head of Roads has replied to the letter we sent about Illegal Advertising Signs.
A copy of a letter received by Cllr Puthucheary sent by the Traffic Commissioner on the bus
services in Bridge of Weir.
Arrangements for Considering Petitions by the Scrutiny and Petitions Board.
Reply from Gryffe High School about the computers being left on, a member disputed what
was in the letter saying that computers were still being left on, it was agreed to write again to
the school.
The decimation of the land on Kilmacolm Road by the new owner. The community council
have written to the Director of Planning and Transport. We have had a reply both from him
and Kate Cuthbert the Access Officer.
Emptying of the brown and blue bins in the Kilmacolm Road / Gryffe Castle / Thistlebank
area, a reply has been received and this matter will be attended to by David Mackay who will
speak directly to the residents concerned.
A letter has been sent to the SPT along with the petition given to us.
A letter from Scottish Water to promote the Launch of Their Warm Pipes Campaign 2007/08.
We had received a letter from the Festival Committee requesting that a member of the
Community Council to attend their meeting on 14 November to discuss the Christmas Lights
switch-on. T. Fulton agreed to attend and the Secretary was asked to accompany him to take
notes. They reported that they have never attended a more disrespectful and discourteous
meeting on behalf of the Community Council. The content of the meeting is given in the
Christmas Lights report.
A Forum meeting was held on Monday 26th November the Secretary and Jim Ellis attended.
A talk was given by Cllr Derek Mackay, Leader of the Council on the Draft Scheme of
Decentralisation. The Community Council have to make comment on this by 31st January 2008.
The Community Plan Management Group required a delegate, the member from Hunterhill
CC agreed to the appointment.
Nick Walker of the Scottish Government Working Group on the Future of Community
Councils gave a progress report, and circulated a copy of the draft constitution for comment.
The post for Community Council Liaison has now been advertised, there have been a number
of candidates and we would hear in due course who would replace Alex Hewetson.
The next Forum meeting has been arranged for Monday 21st January.

See Attached Sheet.


The Planning Convener reported that the owner of the land on Kilmacolm Road adjacent to Strathgryffe Crescent had been cleared of all trees and vegetation and had ploughed up the path to the cycle track. The Council had contacted the owner advising him that he had to reinstate the path. If this was not done they may take him to court. Kate Cuthbert the Access officer has said that the Community Council may be asked to provide information on who walked, cycled the path, this information will be required if and when there is a court case. Bill Brock was asked to put this information into the Gazette. It would also go on to the web site.
Mill O'Gryffe Road.

A complaint has been received regarding a planning proposal to erect flats at Tigh-an-Achaidh, Mill Brae. The complainant is having difficulty getting information from the planning department regarding road safety issues and other matters raised by the proposal. The community council has passed the comments to Renfrewshire Council and has also submitted it's own concerns on this proposed development.

Lights Switch-on:
The event went very well, and had been well attended. There appeared to be over 100
children. The Primary School choir had been good and the parade had gone well. The rain and
wind which had been on all afternoon had stayed off long enough for the parade and the Gala
Queen to switch on the lights. The Children then met Santa on his sleigh. The Caterer had
run out of food for the band and had to buy more for them this was due to the numbers
attending. However over all the evening had been a great success.
The meeting however felt that the lights this year did not have the "wow factor", and some
seemed to be missing. Councillor Langlands said that he would speak with Environmental
The convener then told the members about the meeting he had attended along with the
Secretary on 14th November with the Festival Committee.
He mentioned the disrespect shown to the Community Council representatives, in particular by
members of the Committee. A member of the Festival Committee attending the Community
Council meeting admitted that it did get out of hand. It was decided to write to the Festival
Further letters of thanks have to be sent to those who had taken part.
The Chairman asked if there was any comment on the Working Group's constitution for community councils, the meeting had no further comment to make on it. The meeting then fully discussed the Draft Scheme on Decentralisation, the Chairman and Secretary would complete and send to Renfrewshire Council before the deadline.

The Chairman intimated that there would be no meeting in January, and wished everybody a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Date and Time of next meeting.

Tuesday 5th February 2008 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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