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Clean Renfrewshire

Bridge of Weir Primary pupils keep Clean Renfrewshire moving

Support for Renfrewshire Council's highly successful Clean Renfrewshire campaign continues to grow with pupils from Bridge of Weir Primary School joining the large number of volunteers who have already pledged their support and rolled up their sleeves to demonstrate their determination to keep their area clean and free from litter.

Armed with litter pickers, black bags and the support of the Clean Renfrewshire team, 29 pupils from the school's primary seven class targeted their playground in an attempt to instil a sense of pride within their environment and encourage others to step forward to ensure that the Clean Renfrewshire campaign retains momentum.

Following the launch of the campaign in May 2008 over 550 volunteers from a wide variety of youth and community groups and schools have taken part in over 30 clean ups.

This is the first clean up which has been organised by the school following the launch of the Clean Renfrewshire campaign earlier this year. The dedicated group of youngsters aged between 10 and 11 collected over five bags of rubbish over a short space of time.

Their participation has helped to make them aware of the responsibilities they have to maintain a clean and tidy school environment. It is hoped that following the success of their hard work clean ups will become a regular occurrence and their efforts will help them towards achieving their green flag as part of the Eco School Initiative.

To reinforce the activity being carried out by individuals and groups the campaign has a stepped up a gear and entered into its second phase, with the introduction of Renfrewshire Wardens who have recently taken to the streets to increase further awareness about the need to maintain a clean environment and issue fixed penalty notices to those who continue to drop litter or allow their dogs to foul the Renfrewshire's streets and parks.

As part of their wider community role the wardens also have the power to issue £50 fixed penalty notices for littering and £40 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling, demonstrating that Clean Renfrewshire means business.

Joe Barrett, primary seven teacher at Bridge of Weir Primary School said: "I am delighted with the enthusiasm and hard work which the pupils displayed while carrying out the clean up of the school grounds. It is vital that they take pride in their school and that we encourage them to take an active role to keep it clean. This will help to ensure we can all work and study in a pleasant environment.

"Clean Renfrewshire has also really helped to make the children aware they must work together to ensure Renfrewshire is kept clean beyond their school gates. It has also helped to widen their awareness of other environmental issues and responsibilities."

Cllr Marie McGurk, Convener of Renfrewshire Council's Environment and Infrastructure Policy Board, said: "The support which pupils from Bride of Weir Primary School have shown towards the Clean Renfrewshire campaign demonstrates that people are still determined to push the campaign further forward and make it succeed.

"Schools such as Bridge of Weir Primary have significantly contributed to the great head way which has been made over the course of the last seven months to create a cleaner and tidier Renfrewshire. However there is still scope for further improvement and more people must be encouraged to get on board.

"I am confident that we can all pull together and build on the success we have achieved so far to ensure Renfrewshire will be continued to be viewed as a bright and attractive place to live, work and to visit."

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