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Apr 7th

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Of the regular meeting of Bridge of Weir Community council held on Tuesday 7th April 2009 at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Tom Fulton, Donald McKenzie, Nicholl Gardner, Harold Tidswell, Margaret Mills, Helen Martin.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth O'Hare, Pat Allan.

VISITORS: Bill Brock (Gazette), Cllr Michael Holmes.

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all in attendance.

Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising.
The minutes were proposed by Donald McKenzie and seconded by Tom Fulton.
There were no matters arising.

The Chairman received an e.mail with an a apology from Sgt George High telling him that there would be no police in attendance due to annual leave, included were the crime figures for the month.


The Community Council received a letter from Chief Superintendent Paul Main in his capacity as the new Police Divisional Commander for Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.
Community PC numbers have increased from 68 to 110 with a further increase to 146 by the summer, in addition there are 44 Special Constables.
A new shift pattern started from 2nd March and will ensure that more Community PC's would be on duty at peak times and available in each multi member ward seven days per week.
At the ASCC annual meeting held on 22nd November 2008 Assistant Chief Constable John Neilson made clear that this forces commitment to local officers attending Community Council meetings and requested that this be put early on agendas. Bridge of Weir Community Council acknowledged that they already do this.
Helen Martin agreed to monitor the visible presence of police in the village.


Councillor Puthucheary left a written report on the follow up from the March meeting where she had been the attending Councillor.
Maxwell Place. Renfrewshire Council confirmed that Maxwell Place had not been adopted for maintenance purposes and remains private. Renfrewshire Council have no information on the ownership of the road.
Moss Road Park / Hazelwood Park, dog bins have been requested.
The following road/pavement defects have been reported.
Missing hydrant cover on footpath outside 85 Moss Road.
Several potholes on Main Street.
Potholes on Carruth Road, Lintwhite Crescent, Fetler Road.
Potholes in car park and on Park Road have been plugged.
Request urgent repairs to large potholes on Mimosa Road.
Requested a bus shelter at the first bus stop on Houston Road as you enter Bridge of Weir from Houston.
Written to the Manager of Somerfield regarding the posters displayed on the railings outside asking if he has permission for this.

Councillor Holmes. Attending Councillor.

The repairs at Livery Walk had stalled over complaints of bad language by the builders and accepted work had not been done within the original time, after discussion between all parties involved this is now back on track.
The bus shelter not used at the bridge at Clydesdale Bank corner could be moved to Houston Road, however there is a problem over the advertising.
The state of the roads in and around Bridge of Weir are poor and the Councillor said that there has been a considerable mailbag on this. He advised that we should keep getting on to the Councillors and log all pot holes.
The Secretary mentioned that when Mr Darracott had come to a Community Council meeting not long after his appointment as Director of Planning and Transport he told the meeting that we would see improvements in the maintenance of the roads, however it was felt that there had been no improvement and that materials used to fill the holes only lasted a couple of weeks.
Complaints of rubbish behind the newsagents at Kirkinner Place were made, Cllr. Holmes said that he would look into this.
A complaint has been received from a member of the public on the state of the top end of Mill O' Gryffe Road and the Banking. It was felt that it had been the Gas Board who was responsible for this.

TREASURER'S REPORT: See the attached sheet.

Loch Road / Elm Road. Follow -up letters had been sent to both Head of Planning and Head of Roads to the original letters sent out in February. We have now had replies to both. Iain Hamilton, Head of Roads has said that the legal position was not clear. It was decided to write again to him requesting that the resurfacing of the area be put on to the capital programme.
Letters have gone out to the Legion, Church etc. with the date of Christmas Lights switch-on.
Renfrewshire's Seventh Community Planning Conference dates are now with us.
The booking forms will come in due course, this time we have one in Bridge of Weir on Thursday 24th September in the Cargill Hall, 9.45am - 2.30pm.
The Chairman suggested that as many as possible of the Community Council should make themselves available to go.

There was nothing that really concerned the Community Council.
Scart Farm on Kilmacolm Road has applied for a new entrance.
Donaldfield Road. Demolition of an existing house and replacing with new.

Gala Day.
It was decided that due to our stall not being a success last year, along with other issues the Community Council would not take one this year. The Chairman has been asked to submit a piece for the programme and he has agreed to this.

Christmas Lights.
The switch-on will take place on Wednesday 1st December if agreeable with the Church, Legion and others.
We had written to the Forestry Commission asking if they could supply a 20' Sikta Spruce tree, in reply, they have said that they cannot, however have offered small trees. It was decided that these were not suitable for our requirements and it was suggested that contact be made with Freeland Church who may want them for their improvements to the car park.
An application would now be made to Awards for All for funding of the tree.

Tom Fulton had a meeting with Eddie Syme of the Roads Department on 10th March to look at the drains. Many would require high pressure hosing.

Nick Walker, Renfrewshire Rep. To the ASCC sent an e.mail reporting that the Code of Conduct for Community Councils was ready to go to the Local Authority. The consultation document would probably be out in the summer.

Buses: Changes are planned for the bus services through the village.
1 or 301 Kilmacolm-Quarriers-Johnstone. Off
No. 8 No longer to run to Paisley.
New timetables are available in the Pirie. (3 buses going to Paisley by different routes).
1 going via Johnstone.
The fares are changing.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 5th May at 7.30pm in the Cargill Hall.

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