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Apr 5th

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Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held at 7.00 pm on Tuesday, 5 April, 2011 in the Cargill Hall, Lintwhite Crescent, Bridge of Weir.


Patricia Allan, James Ellis, Thomas Fulton, Sandra Liddell, Helen Martin, Donald McKenzie, Margaret Mills, Elizabeth O’Hare and Gaynor Svensson, Gordon Lethorn (arrived late).


Ewan Coventry, Corporate Development Manager, Renfrewshire Council.

Ewan Coventry, presiding to item 5, thereafter
Tom Fulton, presiding


Apologies for non-attendance were submitted by Alexander Clark, Harold Tidswell and Councillor Carol Puthucheary (ex officio).


On behalf of the Returning Officer, Ewan Coventry welcomed community council members and residents to the Inaugural Meeting of the newly-established Bridge of Weir Community Council.

Ewan advised that following a successful petitioning and election process that concluded on 31 March 2011, statutory public notice had been given that the following 12 residents were duly elected to serve as members of the community council until the next election in 2015:-

Patricia Allan, Alexander Clark, James Ellis, Thomas Fulton, Gordon Lethorn, Sandra Liddell, Helen Martin, Donald McKenzie, Margaret Mills, Elizabeth O’Hare, Gaynor Svensson, Harold Tidswell.

The community council
agreed to note the advice and welcome all new members present.


Ewan explained that the community council had been set up by Renfrewshire Council under the terms of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils (the Scheme), that was approved by the Council on 16 December 2010. The Scheme set out the management and operational rules for community councils and a copy had been sent to each member.

In terms of the Scheme, as the community council had 12 members and 9 vacancies a
quorum of 4 members required to be in attendance at each meeting (the quorum being one-third of the total number of members). The community council could also co-opt up to 4 members to fill vacancies (as co-option was also limited to one-third of the total number of members).

Other key points drawn to members’ attention were:

The annual Administration Grant had been increased by £100 per annum;

The Administration Grant could only be used to meet the cost of items specified on the ‘approved items list’ as contained in the Scheme and a note of this expenditure must be included in the annual audit of accounts, a copy of which must be submitted to Renfrewshire Council each year;

The community council must meet the cost of venues for meetings;

The community council was responsible for the provision of IT equipment. Current IT equipment supplied by Renfrewshire Council would be maintained until obsolete or irreparable;

The community council was responsible for the distribution of its agenda/minutes as per the requirements of the Constitution and Standing Orders;

The community council must hold 6 meetings and 1 AGM each year;

The community council must adhere to the operational rules contained in the Scheme and individual community council members must take regard of the Code of Conduct for Community Councillors. (A copy of which was made available with nomination forms for membership and was also appended to the Scheme document).

The community council
agreed to note the advice and that all members had received a copy of the Scheme.


(a) Chairperson
– D McKenzie, seconded by T Fulton, moved that Alexander Clark be appointed as Chairperson. As there were no other nominations, the appointment was agreed unanimously.

(b)Vice-Chairperson – E O’Hare, seconded by M Mills moved that Tom Fulton be appointed as Vice-Chairperson. As there were no other nominations, the appointment was agreed unanimously.

(c) Secretary – P Allan, seconded by J Ellis, moved that Sandra Liddell be appointed as Secretary. As there were no other nominations, the appointment was agreed unanimously.

(d) Treasurer – S Liddell, seconded by T Fulton, moved that James Ellis be appointed as Treasurer. As there were no other nominations, the appointment was agreed unanimously.


There was submitted (tabled) a copy of the community council Constitution and Standing Orders for formal adoption and signing by the community council. Copies of the Constitution had been circulated to members earlier as Appendix A of the Scheme.

The community council
agreed to adopt the Constitution which was duly signed by the Vice- Chairperson (on behalf of the Chairperson) and two other members.


(a) Local Area Committee:
The community council agreed to appoint ....
Helen its representative to the Local Area Committee and ....Tom Fulton..................... as substitute representative.

(b) Renfrewshire Community Council Forum: The community council agreed to appoint .Sandra Liddell................and Donald McKenzie its two members of the Forum.


It was agreed to take part in the ASCC Insurance Scheme. The Treasurer said that the Switching on of the Christmas Lights and other special events will require extra payment.

The Vice-Chairman thanked Mr Coventry for attending the meeting and welcomed new member Gaynor Svensson to the Community Council.

Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by P Allan and seconded by D McKenzie.

There were no matters arising.

A resident of the village brought to the attention of the community council some cause for concern.

Dog fouling was a problem on the riverside walkway, and dog owners made no attempt to clear their dog excrement. It was agreed to write to Renfrewshire Council requesting a dog bin and further signage in this area.

Mini motor bikes were constantly seen and heard, the community council will contact the Neighbourhood Wardens to look into this.

Youths having a drinking den on the riverside walkway, again the Neighbourhood Wardens be asked to look into it.


The care home at Ardenvohr, Fetler Road has been approved. The number of beds has been reduced from 90 to 60.
Approval has been given for the change of use at the Post Office to a hot food take away (chip shop).
A request for the approval of an energy waste system at Lochwinnoch requiring a wind turbine has been refused. It was considered that it would interfere with the approach to Glasgow Airport.


It is intended to repeat the community council’s involvement in a family walk/cycle event after the open air service in Freeland Church car park on Sunday 29 May. Details of this will be discussed at the next meeting.

The date for the Christmas lights switch-on has not yet been decided.

The Festival Committee has asked the Chairman to write a piece about the community council for the Gala Day programme.

A decision was taken to withdraw membership of Scottish Rights of Way.

It was agreed to donate £50 to the Royal British Legion Club for the use of their premises for sub-meetings throughout the year.

A letter will be sent to the roads department asking for repairs to be made to the damaged traffic calming on Kilmacolm Road.

It was decided where necessary to make a few changes to the agenda to make sure the 2 hours booked for the meeting is not exceeded.

Date and time of next meeting.

The next regular meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 3 May at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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