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Apr 3rd

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Minutes of the meeting of the Community Council held on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: T. Fulton, G Lethorn, S Liddell, H Martin, D McKenzie, M Mills, E O'Hare, G Svensson.

APOLOGIES: P Allan, S Clark, J Ellis, H Tidswell.

VISITORS: Richard Lawler, Maria Brown, David Brown, Margaret Dymond. PC N Weir, PC P Braidwood..

The meeting was opened by the Acting Chairman who welcomed members of the Community Council, visitors and two of the candidates who are to stand in the May Local Council Elections.
The minutes of the previous minutes were proposed by D. McKenzie and seconded by H. Martin.
Matters arising -It was pointed out that it is widening of the area next to the cycle track near the entrance of the village coming from Johnstone that is being carried out not drainage.

Update of arrangements for Sunday 20th May.

Details of the various groups within the village that had been contacted, however there had been very little response from some of them. A member of Freeland Church has prepared posters and letters and these will be sent out to the the Primary school in the week leading up to the 20th.
A bouncy castle is being hired from Houston Church at a cosy of £50. The Community Council will also be organising a Petting Zoo.
"Weir Saving Our Village" is organising events for children e.g. Egg & Spoon Race, Guess Teddy's Birthday.
Members of the Community Council will contact other possible sources of help.

Treasurer's Report - See attached sheet.

Secretary's Report:

The Secretary said she no actual report as all was contained within matters on the agenda, and would refer to each item as they were discussed.

Planning Report:

Dawn Developers/Sainsbury's have agreed to come to a Public Meeting on Monday 23rd April in the Cargill Hall. The representatives will be introduced by the Community Council and after they make their presentations questions will be accepted from the body of the hall.
(The above meeting has subsequently been cancelled as Dawn Developers/,Sainsbury's have now informed the Community Council that they are unwilling to meet with us at this time, we have left it to them to contact us when they are in a position to meet.)

Kilmacolm Community Council have requested a meeting with Bridge of Weir Community Council. This will be arranged.

Park and Ride Houston Road Park:

There are reservations to these plans as it is felt that it will be unlikely to work particularly in bad weather. A Community Council member suggested an alternative solution: Traffic to go up Warlock Road (one way) past the primary school, turn left then drive down Gryffe Avenue and exiting on to the Kilmacolm Road.

Police Report:




Additional Notes








Insecure huts/garages

Theft x Pedal Cycle




Theft HB (Non-dwell)



Attempt HBwi (Non-dwell)




HB wi(non-dwell)




Assault sexual







Bank Card

Wilful Fire Raising




Drunk driving








The police officers were asked what was being done regarding the various “Hoodies” incidents in the village. They explained that other priorities had kept them very busy but they had managed to speak to several boys, take their names and then move them on.
A visitor spoke of several fires in the area between the old bowling club and the dump. These had not been reported. It was stressed that incidences of this type must be reported otherwise investigations cannot be carried out.


A letter will be sent to the Roads department regarding the traffic lights at Houston Road.
It was agreed that it would not be possible for the minutes of the Community Council meetings to be sent to “Weir Saving Our Village” prior to them being sent to Renfrewshire Council.
The minutes can be viewed in the Library.
Both Councillors Langlands and Putucheary have said that they are not seeking re election to the Council in the May elections.
Letters will be sent thanking them for their service to the village.
A request for advice regarding a council house being used as a base for a business and causing possible danger to children. The chairman of TARA informed the meeting that this was something that came under TARA’s remit. However it was also agreed that under certain
circumstances the police and environmental services should also be informed. The Community Councillor who had made the inquiry will pass on this information along with the contact details of TARA’s chairman to the person who had requested the advice.

Date and time of next meeting:

The next ordinary meeting of the Community Council will take place on Tuesday 1 May 2012 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

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