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AGM Oct 4th

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 4 October 2011 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

Present:- S. Clark, J. Ellis, T. Fulton, G. Lethorn, H. Martin, D. McKenzie, M. Mills, E. O'Hare, G. Svenson.

Apologies: - S. Liddell, H. Tidswell.

The meeting was opened by S. Clark who welcomed all in attendance.
The minutes of the last meeting were proposed by M. Mills and seconded by H. Martin.
There were no matters arising.

The Chairman gave his report.


It's been quiet since the arrival of the new Community Council mainly dealing with the run of the mill matters.

One exciting new venture was being invited to be part of the Steering Group for The Bridge Project, now moved on to form a Board in which we are represented by Donald McKenzie.

Due to severe weather conditions our traditional Christmas Lights switch on was cancelled, however good news on this front the Local Area Committee has provided us with a grant allowing this year's event to go ahead
Our other village event I suggest may require re-visiting Go Bridge of Weir Day, although successful, we did not manage to attract many from outside the Community Council and Freeland Church. One suggestion would be to run with an event at The Bridge if available and to run in conjunction with The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 5th June.

Funding an issue our treasurer may elaborate on, the current standing orders has placed restrictions on how we use the annual grant.
The increase of 100 to cover Hall Lets does not meet the cost so we have reduced the number of meetings.

We were disappointed to hear of the loss of The Association of Scottish Community Councils due to a vast reduction in funding from the Scottish Government.
The Community Council has continued to be represented at The Local Area Committee, Forum of Local Community Councils and Community Planning Events and I thank all delegates for their participation.

Next year we hope to see the introduction of speed restrictions on Houston Road, more consideration by drivers dropping off and picking up at the Primary School and dare I say it discussions resuming on improvements to Neva Place.

Finally may I thank Executive Colleagues, Community Councillors. Local Councillors and Police Officers for their support throughout the past year.


One of the two bank accounts held by the community council was closed and the balance transferred to the remaining account.
The grant from Local Area Committee has been earmarked for the 2011 Christmas Lights switch on. It was suggested that ways of cutting administration costs be looked into.

The election of office bearers:
Chairman S. Clark Proposed by D. McDonald Seconded by E. O'Hare
Vice- Chairman T. Fulton Proposed M. Mills Seconded H. Martin
Secretary S. Liddell Proposed by M. Mills Seconded E.O'Hare
Treasurer J. Ellis Proposed by T. Fulton Seconded D. MKenzie
Minute Secretary E. O'Hare Proposed by J. Ellis Seconded G. Svenson
S. Liddell had agreed to accept the position if proposed.
J. Ellis intimated that he would be stepping down as treasurer at the next AGM.

There was no other competent business and the meeting closed.

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