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AGM Nov 7th 2006

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 7th November 2006

PRESENT: S. Clark, J. Ellis, S. Liddell, T. Fulton, H. Tidswell, N, Gardner, P. Allan, M. Mills, G. Lethorn, Cllr. Noon, Cllr Puthucheary, PC T Callaghan.

APOLOGIES: Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth O'Hare. VISITORS: Donald McKenzie, Bill Brock (Gazette),
Business Arising:

Louise McLintock had contacted Sandy Clark to say that she was absolutely delighted to receive her gifts, and that she had left the village on Monday 30th October.

The meeting commenced with the business of the AGM which had had to be re-scheduled because of the fact that the hall was not open on October 3rd.

S. Clark, Chairperson delivered his report for the year 2005 / 2006.

Minute approved by T. Fulton seconded by P. Allan.

He further apologised for baing unable to fulfil some of the work of the council over the summer months due to increase in work load.

Secretary's Report: Approved by N Gardner, seconded by H Tidswell. Treasurer's Report: Approved by H Tidswell, seconded by N Gardner.

Election of Office Bearers:

Chairperson, S. Clark Nominated by N Gardner, seconded by / Ellis.
Vice Chairperson T Fulton Nominated by H Tidswell, seconded by M Mills
Secretary S Liddell Nominated by M Mills, seconded by J Ellis.
Treasurer J Ellis Nominated by H Tidswell, seconded by M Mills
Minute Secretary E O'Hare Nominated by N Gardner, seconded by J Ellis.



J Ellis suggested that the community council should be much more pro-active in communicating with the community and informing them of some of the work of the council. He suggested that a minute of the meeting should be posted on a web site. We should also put posters in the library to help with the recruitment nights. The Association of Community councils have been spending more time and money on an e-programme. Renfrewshire Council have the facilities available. Bishopton and Howwood have websites up and running. He felt that we should be striving for this and Aex Hewetson is keen that this should happen.

Members should add their e-mail address to our council list and check that information already held is accurate. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
T Fulton is to be involved in the development of a project group.

H Tidswell recommended that we should try to organise a visit every three months.

Make more use of the Advertizer - a community newsletter already goes in. Ideas for visits would be welcomed.

This concluded the business of the Annual General Meeting.

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