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Of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 2nd October 2007

PRESENT: Sandy Clark, Jim Ellis, Sandra Liddell, Andrew Crawford, Elizabeth O'Hare, Harold Tidswell, Donald McKenzie, Pat Allen, Margaret Mills, Gordon Lethorn,

APOLOGIES: Nicholl Gardner, T. Fulton.

VISITORS: Cllr Puthucheary, PC Tom Callaghan, Insp.John Laing, Vincent Watters ASCC, Jim Taylor Ian Wilson Linwood CC, Ken Ives Elaine Ives Kilbarchan CC, Douglas Kirkwood Houston CC, Nick Walker Howwood CC, Irene McCallum, Trainee Journalist Cardonald College.

The meeting was opened by the chairperson who welcomed all community councillors, guests and visitors.

The minutes of the previous AGM were proposed by M. Mills and seconded by P. Allen.

There were no matters arising.

Chairman's Report - see below

Secretary's Report -see below

Treaesurer's Report - see attached sheet

The accounts were accepted and adopted.

The treasurer informed the meeting that in his opinion the cost of the insurance and that of the computer should not be borne solely by the General Fund but should instead be a shared expense of the General Fund and Project Fund 50/50.

P.Allen proposed that the community council act on the treasurer's suggestion and this was seconded by H. Tidswell. There no objections or counter proposals. It was also agreed that a letter should be sent to Renfrewshire District regarding the suggested upgrading of the administrative allowance.

At this point in the proceedings the chair was vacated by S. Clark and was taken by A. Crawford in order that the election of office bearers take place.
Status Quo was suggested and as all of the office bearers agreed to continue and with no other nominees this was agreed to.

Chairman S. Clark Vice Chairman T. Fulton
Secretary S. Liddell Treasurer J. Ellis
Minute Secretary E. O'Hare

Due to pressure of work the resignation has been received from Bill Mitchell a long serving member of the community council. The Secretary was asked to write to Bill on behalf of the community council thanking him for all of his years of service and to wish him well in the future.

S. Clark then resumed the Chair and introduced the guest speaker Vincent Watters, National Secretary of the Association of Community Councils who spoke on the future of Community Councils and also of the changes that have taken place.
The talk was most interesting and informative and during it he spoke of the criticism that had been levelled at the Association regarding communication and liaison. However since the since the new offices have been opened in Hillington there has been a marked improvement. During this most interesting and informative talk he touched on other areas that had proved to be controversial in the past and what was hoped to be new proposals that would be of benefit to all community councils.
At the end of the talk he invited questions from community councillors and visitors.

Questions asked ranged from powers in planning, budget responsibilities and what steps could be taken to help increase members of the public to become involved in community councils.
Mr. Watters answered these questions in a most frank manner that was appreciated by all in attendance.

It was agreed that the representatives of Bridge of Weir community council to the Association would be J. Ellis and T. Fulton. The format for the Association's A.G.M. would be a normal meeting in the morning with the afternoon set aside for debate and discussion.

When the question session was finished the chairman thanked Mr. Watters for accepting our invitation and emphasised the importance of community councils
being kept up to date with what was happening.

As there was no other competent business the Annual General Meeting was closed.


With fewer controversial planning applications this year it enabled us to concentrate more freely on other projects.

Tom and his team in co-operation with Kate Cuthbert, Access Officer, and Anne Philips Tourism Officer, Renfrewshire Council, recently completed Plans for Village Walks and the signage for this project, they also approved the design of the new History Boards. We look forward to the completion of these projects.

The team organised the second successful Christmas Lights switch-on and plans are well in place for a repeat this year. December the 5th is the date to put in your diary.

We were delighted to participate in the 25th anniversary Gala Day by sponsoring the very popular Petting Zoo attraction.

As the Community Councils representative on the Play Park Improvement Group I am delighted to report excellent progress. The group are well on their way to making their target prior to applying for Big Lottery funding and in the next few days will become a Limited Company allowing us to make application for Charitable Status which will enable more access to grants.

The Community Council launched our website. thanks to Donald McKenzie for the professional job done. I recommend a visit if you have not already been in and I urge more contributions to the site.

Guest speakers who have attended the Community Council included Procurator Fiscal Scott Patterson, Paul Devlin Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, Supt. McCallum Strathclyde Police, Sylvia Morrison Community Health Partnership, Graham Wyllie Principal Engineer Roads Department Renfrewshire Council, Margaret Hay and Ian Irvine Turning Point, and as mentioned before Kate Cuthbert and Anne Philips. The speakers, some of whom spoke on local issues while others on broader district wide issues all gave relevant information.

The Community Council had two visits, on the invitation of our MSP Trish Godman to the Scottish Parliament and Jonathan Muirhead to the Leather Works. Members and guests enjoyed both visits.

As well as our regular meetings members attended the Renfrewshire Forum of Community Councils (to which Sandra our secretary was appointed to the executive), Community Planning area meetings and five year plan seminar, the Scottish Association of Community Councils Annual General Meeting and West of Scotland Area Meeting.

In the coming session whilst we continue to deal with local matters concerning the village we should look forward to the challenge of the changes ahead locally and nationally.

I thank our Councillors for their support and regular attendance.
Community Police Officers Tom and Tracy for their contributions and assistance.

Finally thanks to my colleagues on the Community Council for their work throughout the year in particular executive members Tom, Sandra, Jim and Betty.

Sandy Clark


The past year has been a fairly busy one with the usual correspondence, planning, environment etc.

Since the election and the change in administration we are waiting for the new diary which gives us the membership of the Boards, it also gives us the Officers and Heads of Department, where some changes have taken place within the last year, this information is required for our correspondence to enable us to function properly.

The computer has been giving us some problems and was out of commission for a couple of weeks recently, the council has given us another second hand one, however I continue not being able to access some files required for Community Council business. Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future.

As mentioned by the Chairman in his report we have had some enjoyable visits this year, and I would like to think that others can be arranged within the coming year.

My thanks go to the Chairman for his help in drafting some of the letters, particularly as this has to be done over weekends this is the only time that we can get together. I would also like to thank Betty and Pat for taking the minutes, it makes the job easier.

Sandra Liddell

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