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AGM 2nd Nov

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Bridge of Weir Community Council held on Tuesday 2nd November 2010 at 7.00pm in the Cargill Hall.

PRESENT: T. Fulton, E. O'Hare, G. Lethorn, N. Gardner, P. Allan, M. Millls, D. McKenzie, H. Martin, Cllr. M Holmes.

APOLOGIES: S. Clark, H. Tidswell.

VISITORS: P.C. Neil Reilly, Linwood Police Office.

The meeting was opened by T. Fulton, Acting Chairman who welcomed all in attendance.
The minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting were proposed by M. Mills and seconded by H. Martin.
There were no matters arising.
Chairman's Report was read by the Acting Chairman.
"First of all I apologise for being unable to attend this evening's AGM. due to illness. I regret that I have to stand down from the position of Chairman due to changes in my work pattern that have made it impossible to carry out my duties as Chairman. I had earlier indicated that I would continue in the chair until the elections for the new Community Council had taken place, however the timetable seems to keep stretching, I will however continue to serve as a member of the Community Council until March 2012 but may not be able to attend as regularly as in previous years.

This year two major projects have come to completion, Stage 1 if the Village Centre Improvements and the Final Stage of the Play Park Improvements.
The Livery Walk Project, in which we partnered Renfrewshire Council from the Planning Stage, has immensely improved the centre of the village. (If only we could get rid of the youth-disorder)
However concerns have to be raised regarding Stage 2 of Neva Place as we have learned that it is once more in the domain of the Planning Department.

I was the Community Council representative in the Play Park Improvement Group before becoming a Board member and have pleasure in highlighting that 141,908 has been raised and spent on three village parks. The improvements can be witnessed by all and three magnificent play areas have been created for children of the village. I can honestly say that this work has given me more satisfaction than any other voluntary work that I have been involved in.

I would like to thank all community council members for their support over the years. I do not really like to single out individuals however I must mention Vice Chairman T. Fulton, Secretary S. Liddell and Treasurer J. Ellis. They have given considerable amounts of their free time carrying out additional community council duties during my time of office. Together with the other community council members I consider that we remain a truly respectful professional body within the community of Bridge of Weir.

Finally I would like to thank our local Councillors for their regular attendance and prompt reports, Renfrewshire Council for their attendance when requested, Strathclyde Police for their regular updates and support and the Village Improvement Group."

TREASURER'S REPORT: Due to the absence of the Treasurer there was no report.


We have had our usual correspondence and with most of it coming through electronically which makes it much easier to distribute round community council members and I hope that some of what has been sent, you have taken the opportunity to read and comment.

I have attended Forum meetings on your behalf and much of the discussion recently has been the Consultation for the Establishments of Community Councils. We are now into the final stages of this consultation, which is due to go before Council in December. Once finalised, elections to the new community council will take place sometime in the New Year at a date to be determined by Renfrewshire Council.

Unfortunately, as your Rep. On the LAC I was unable to attend some of these meetings due personal reasons that you will be aware of from the beginning of January through to August and during this time had to relinquish some of my duties. I would like to thank Betty, Tom and Jim for their help and support at this time.

I am sure all of you would like to take this opportunity along with me in thanking Sandy for his sterling work as Chairman over the last few years and that we are sorry to see him relinquish this position due to his changing work commitments. During his time he has worked tirelessly on behalf of the wider community of Bridge of Weir and we should be grateful. I know that it's his desire to continue as a member and be able to attend meetings when time permits.


Secretary S. Liddell Proposed T. Fulton Seconded B. O'Hare
Treasurer J. Ellis Proposed T. Fulton Seconded P. Allan
Minute Sec. B O'Hare Proposed T. Fulton Seconded S. Liddell
Vice Chairman T. Fulton Proposed S. Liddell Seconded P. Allan

In the absence of anyone willing to come forward for election as Chairman, the Acting Chairman proposed that there be a rotation of the Chair until the election of the new community council in the spring with T. Fulton continuing the role of Vice Chairman to fulfil continuity between meetings, there was general agreement to this proposal from the community council. The rotational order would be taken from the order on the attendance sheet.

This being all the business of the AGM the Acting Chairman closed the meeting.

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