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25 October

Ice Hockey Club Record > 1929-30

Points Competition Bridge of Weir 0 Glasgow Skating Club 2

"The game was extremely scrappy at times and play was too confined. The score does not give a true reflection of the run of play. Bridge of Weir on several occasions were presented with openings of which they did not take advantage. Had they played a more open game they could have at least brought the scores level.

Both goals were visited in turn in the first period but it was not until close on time that F McLernan saw an opening and scored for the Glasgow team.

Bridge of Weir played hard for the equaliser in the second period but made the mistake of holding on to the puck too long. Near the end of this half, Glasgow Skating Club did all the attacking.

The last period was the best of the three. Glasgow Skating Club forced play from the start but for one or two breaks away by Bridge of Weir play was confined mostly in front of A R M Muirhead. Four minutes from the end, H R Orr scored the Glasgow club's second goal."

Bridge of Weir: A R M Muirhead; J K Woodrow and W Bird; I S McLeod, A E McLeod and W M Muirhead.- H J Telfer, R J G McDonald and R E Muirhead.

Glasgow Skating Club: W S Dobson; H R Orr and D Borland; R N Reid, F McLernan and R D Brand.- A K Reid and C Borland.

Referee: H W Reid (Achtungs).

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