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13 April

Ice Hockey Club Record > 1933-34

President's Pucks Tournament Final Bridge of Weir 3 Kelvingrove 0

"Bridge of Weir had the satisfaction of ending a happy go lucky season with one achievement in winning the President's Pucks competition at the Scottish Ice Rink, Crossmyloof, Glasgow last night. Their victory over Kelvingrove before a large crowd was both decisive and well deserved.

Bridge of Weir played fast and well committed ice hockey throughout and they had in M D Brennan and W G McDonald the two outstanding players on the ice. The steady stream of capable substitutions was another key factor in enabling them to last the pace of a strenuous game much better than their opponents.

Without wishing to belittle Bridge of Weir's success, it must be conceded that Kelvingrove have fallen away from their earlier form. There was a lack of pattern and precision in attack while much of their finishing was poor.

The ready thrusting of the entire Bridge of Weir team gave them the better of the exchanges from the outset, the brothers McLeod, W M Muirhead, McDonald and Brennan, all taking part in a number of dangerous moves. Two breakaways by A S Dick and a fine piece of stickhandling by W S Montford, who almost scored near the end of the first period, were the only notable attacks by Kelvingrove.

Montford had a goal disallowed soon after the change of ends and then Brennan broke up the ice, skated behind the Kelvingrove goal for an opening and passed the puck to McDonald who scored.

Another pass by Brennan was again turned to account by McDonald for a goal early in the final period. A F Reid later seized the puck from close in to add a third goal. In a closing rally, Montford passed a chance to score for Kelvingrove."

Bridge of Weir: A Ross; M D Brennan and W G McDonald; W S McLeod, I S McLeod and W M Muirhead.- J K Woodrow and A F Reid.

Kelvingrove: D Cross; A S Dick and A Fullerton; W S Montford, C McMillan and A J Tingley.- R D Gemmell, J Beveridge and W J Towers.

Referee: R O MacDonald (Bears).

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