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10 December

Ice Hockey Club Record > 1929-30

Points Competition Bridge of Weir 2 Bearsden 3

"The first period opened with a series of attacks by each side with Bearsden having a slight advantage and after several attempts, J G Carruthers opened the scoring for them.

The second period was characterised by fast play and once J R Gilmour had the puck through Bridge of Weir's goal but the point was disallowed. Immediately afterwards however Bearsden made amends and scored a second goal. Bridge of Weir now attacked and after persistent efforts W M Muirhead scored.
In the third period, the speed of the game was undiminished and J K Woodrow equalised for Bridge of Weir. J G Carruthers secured the winning goal for Bearsden after a great struggle."

Bridge of Weir: A R M Muirhead; W Bird and R J G McDonald; I S McLeod, W M Muirhead and J K Woodrow.- A E McLeod, H J Telfer and R E Muirhead.

Bearsden: R G Walker; A S Dykes and E R Smith; J G Carruthers, G C Scott and J R Gilmour.- J C Dykes, J E Forrest and R O MacDonald.

Referee: H W Reid (Achtungs).

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